"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Waddup guys,, nong nong time neber post oreday.

The past few months was quite a bore.. So boring that i stopped blogging entirely.. Or was it O level creeping up my back and strangling me with my tie? I think so.. Anyway.. Here is one big shout out to everyone who might be looking at this post.. This blog is nearly dead. I noe.. People no longer read this.. Nobody read this anymore.. Perhaps because i lost my goal ordy.. Perhaps i've lost the race.. This blog's true purpose was to record my every moment of thinking about her.. Perhaps she is one of the person i mentioned in this blog.. Perhaps i should come clean about it. But somehow shit happens, rumors spread, rejected, dejected, neglected. I lost my sense of direction, I lost my enthusiasm in recording down my love for the person.. I once posted nearly a few months ago.. That i will sustain this blog till the day i die.. Seems like my end came too early..

Anyway.. As the quote above says. I am out of love.. Out of poems.. Unless i feel the love again.. My poems are going nowhere.. Going out the window, Going into the drains, going high up into the sky.. Everywhere but to her. I noe.. People no longer read this.. Nobody read this anymore. Nonetheless, I'll continue sustaining this blog.. Till the day i die.. But don't expect anymore poems.. They would never ever come again. I guess my excitement in the blog blocks what i feel inside. This is a SHOUT OUT to the Future ME. Don't look back again.

I hope this blog becomes a record of my secondary 3 and secondary 4 lives, So that I'll be able to recount my life with detail when i am older..

I was pretty sure I am alone in this boat. The one who went on the boat with me went aboard.. Swimming away to another island when i stop talking.. When i became mute.. When i just could not speak to anybody anymore.. Except Fiz and WK..

Every morning.. Doing duty.. I found that i just could not open my mouth.. My mouth glued shut on its own.. I tried to be friends with some of the duty members.. But somehow.. I was alone.. In the dark. I could not understand what they say.. I felt so lonely during duty when nobody could talk to me.. When i could not talk to them.. When they speak.. The speak in a foreign tongue.. They are speaking English.. But they are talking about something that i just could not understand.. Strangely.. I think im falling to depression.. My white hair is growing out.. So much.. I didnt notice.. I thought that i am OK. Maybe i should give it all up and don't think about marrying until 10 years later...  I realised that i am making a big mistake.. I am not looking for a girlfriend. I am looking for a wife whom i'll take care of for many many many years to come.. Maybe i am too young to think about that..Maybe i am born in the right place at the wrong time.. Maybe i should be born 5 years earlier..

Anyway.. I realised that to rid myself of misery.. I must do something.. I think that to rid myself of misery, I'll have to first rid others of misery too.. So i think i'll post a cheer-up on people who seemed depressed.. Even people i dunno i guess.. The greatest care and concern i feel comes from a stranger.. Especially since the strangers do not know you and yet still gave you a hug when you really needed it.. If i post a cheer-up on other people's wall.. Will other people post a cheer-up on my wall?

Anyway.. Recently, Me and Hafiz had been learning a electro/techno dance called Jumpstyle.. It follows a average speed beat that is difficult to master at first.. But we mastered it in i month.. The basics though.. The rest.. Is difficult.. Anyway.. We have since progressed to Hardjump.. Which is a harder version of jumpstyle.. Though it looks great.. The beat is beast... The beat is as fast as strapping you to a horse and draggin you around on the floor.. Anyway.. A video of our jumping.

Also, a big thank you to the guys of 4C1, They told us to never stop jumping....

A word of encouragement to anyone who might need it..

Stubborn determination.

Even if others look at you and laugh heartily.. 
jut out your chin and give them a grin..

Even if others spread rumors about you and that boy.
Grab their collar and punch them in the face.

Even if others tries to ridicule you.
Walk over to them and say "Screw you." 

Even if others say you're gonna fail.
Show them how you win and spit in their face.

Victory comes from stubborn determination and idiotic will.
Never ever let peer pressure bog you down. 
If you like that guy or girl, then just go for him or her.
Don't be like me, wait for so long, only to have the rose in my hands withering away..

Just a short hardjump practise video... Im scared that the neighbours may come up.. This does not even qualify to be Hardjump.. ._. To say the truth.. I wasnt used to my new sneakers.. So tight.. So difficult to move..

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