"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I can't believe i came back...

After so long.. I realized that i had changed so much.. i lost a great number of my friends during this period.. I sort of avoided them.. for no reason... I ignored.. for no reason... I felt so sad... that i am abandoned.. wrecked.. and broken.. like a toy.. mangled with and thrown out the window.. It had felt such a long time since i was able to talk freely with anyone.. Perhaps i've lost my soul for a very long time.. only recently did i have it back.. The nostalgia of loving somebody again.. Perhaps many people know about it. Perhaps she knew about it. But that's not gonna change anything.. Im gonna sit right here and wait for a sign from god to tell me.. to either get a move on.. or make my move. If it is not fated.. I'm gonna make it a fate... But if it was not intended.. then i'll shall not try.. Everyday.. I long for someone to talk to about my problems.. not just my friends.. but somebody who is not so close with me.. yet wishes to listen to what i have to say.. Perhaps im wishing for the stars.

Anyway the holiday was terrible.. But all we did was Parkour and Jumpstyle. It was really fun to do Parkour though.. But not so fun when you get hurt.
I was so happy that another person in the class except Me and Fiz is practicing parkour.. It was such a big surprise.. I wanted to invite this person (whom i shall not name) to train with us.. But we never managed too.. We did however indoctrinate some of our close friends into the way of the movement though.. like Jacob and Permyod (i guess?)

I realized that im into extreme sports, just for the sheer thrill of falling down and getting hurt makes me wanna try that sport even more... weird... Anyway we did a small short film quite a while ago.. Situated at Jelutung Harbor Park.. A really charming place with lotsa obstacles to train on.. I could even spend my night sleeping there because of how peaceful the place is.. Its like the dream place.. Though i have to say it is quite a distance from shopping malls and facilities.

The video: Hundredth Plus

and our Jumpstyle origins video.. We first started jumping to this song. Jumped - Loituma jumpstyle.

and one more. Dnb Step or X-outing with my brother.. The weird dance or jumping you see me do at school is mostly this..

Also a short clip.. A sort of training video made to look.. well.. parkourish?

Someday we will become professional.
So close no matter how far...
Couldn't be much more from the heart.... 
Forever trust in who we are..
And nothing else matters...

Nothing else matters.

If only we could say. 
Nothing else matters. 
We are who we are.
We do what we like. 
We say what we like. 
Nothing else matters.

It would be great.

Oh yes it will be great!

But sadly, they'll come to a point when you'll break.
Things within you fall apart.
Your feelings crushed.
And now truly 
Nothing else matters.

Then you feel like you wanna die.
Not knowing that death is a relief to yourself.
But a grievance for others.
Can we not die? 
So we would not sin by hurting others?
Can we die?
So we would find our life's fulfillment? 

Now now. Nothing Else Matters.

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  1. Hey , you joined me too ? I started to blog again last Monday ...