"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


OH YEAH! IM AS EXCITED AS A FRIGGIN MACHINE GATLING MAXIM FHM GUN!.. I think FHM isn't a gun.. BUT SURE IT MAKES YOU EXCITED.. Nah im just joking.. Im not High On Ricola Newton Yoghourt.. FTW... It taste great.. What's a Ricola Newton Yoghurt? Well.. Its.. Plain Yoghurt with Ricola as topping.. Then you drop it from a height straight into your mouth.. that's where Newton comes in.. Anyway.. What i was trying to say is.. Im a little bit crazy.. little bit horny.. little bit sot.. little bit emo.. little bit angry... but... mostly a bulk of EGGCITEDNESS! Cos.. Today i attempted something i never dreamt i could do... A lazy vault.. On both hands!! Oh my holy duck! I can do it! It may not seem much to you.. but it is really awesome for me.. I know this blog post.. sounds really really really really really really and really.. and that's 8 reallys including this one.. long winded.. But what you expect? Im Jason de rulo.. It also sounds alittle bit weird huh.. The previous blog post you see me.. Looking down on the floor.. Now im looking at the ceiling.. and i dun really noe what i typingh niw... yah noe? anyway..


HATE YOU GUYS... no really i love you guys...

Anyway.. Why i say IMMA MACHINE GUN! Is because... of this!

You know what i really want you to do right now? I want you to RAISE YOUR HANDS UP IN THE AIR AND WAVE IT LIKE YOU DUN CARE! but no.. I dun wan you to do that.. so... KEEP ON DOING THAT... Wait no.. Im going a bit conky.. What i really want You to do.... Is *HIGHLIGHT THIS THING WITH YOU MOUSE >>>>>> Smile =D<<<<<<* See.. Its easy.. If you don't smile.. Im gonna be really sad...

Anyway i dedicate this song to all the mamas in this world..

Vitas - Mama
Feel free to sing along.. The English translation is below...

"Mama(translated by Natalie)

Forgive me, my dear, for parting with you (Prosti Rodnaia, Za Razluku)
For my occasional letters                          (Za pisma redkie moi)
In my thoughts I kiss your hand                 (Ia Muislenno Tebe Tseluiu Ruku)
And your tightly pressed lips                      (I Gubi Sjvate Tvoi)

I often cry when I remember
How I used to hurt you at times
Forgive me, my dear!
Forgive me with love for the last time
How much I failed to understand...
And I still have to understand so much!
It seems that I loved too little
If I failed to experience love...

Forgive me, my dear, for parting with you
For my occasional letters
In my thoughts I kiss your hand
And your tightly pressed lips

Your love is love without measure
Your hopes and dreams...
Forgive me for my impertinent manners
Which upset you so much
Now I know more about life
I managed to understand a lot of things
I remember all your care
Longing to embrace you.

Forgive me, my dear, for parting with you
For my occasional letters
In my thoughts I kiss your hand
And your tightly pressed lips"

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