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Saturday, July 16, 2011

I feel so sad today...

I went to find the shoes i needed.. i went ang mo kio.. no find.. then went sembawang.. no find.. then went woodlands.. no find.. finally go back to khatib.. have! But dun have my size.. So sad... Dun tell me i really need to go queenstown just to get a pair of shoes that are my size? I think my feet size is average american feet size.. I improved alot in Dnb these past few days.. So much that i completely feel that i know how to dance dnb.. Maybe waiting for the oven to heat up in DnT cause me to become better at DnB? =D

Oh yeah.. BTW.. IF ANYBODY THINKS IM DOING THIS TO IMPRESS... Then don't say it out.. I do things to express not to impress.. They are two different things.. BTW, my dance and my steps are also not good enough to impress anybody.. And second thing.. I dun give a shit about what others think of my dance or what i like to do.. I dun give a shit about what others think is socially correct to do.. I may dance at any place i wish in any way i wish. There isn't a rule saying i can't do things in public. When i do the dance.. I am not causing a nuisance am i? Im not swinging my arms around whacking people... Im not kicking people in the face.. And definitely not screaming.. So.. IS there something wrong with listening to hard house or electro? or anything that is electrical? IT is not a genre only gangsters can listen to or do.. It is my lifestyle.. Whether you like it or not.. Im not gonna change myself just because everybody is not used to the things i do.. Because i seriously dun give a shit.

anyway.. on to the weird stuff...  I need people who can act or willing to act.  Gender does not matter, age also dun matter. I just need somebody who is easy for me to work with.

Ok.. I feel very tired right now.. so im not saying anythhing more.. adios.

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