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Friday, July 15, 2011

Back again....

I realised that the feeling of care came back.. again.. i have to admit that i was pretty uncaring these past few months.. maybe cos got too much problems? or.. i feel moody the whole 2-4 months? Anyway, i just have to say im sorry if i appeared too fierce that im flagged as scary.. or that i haven't talked to you for a long time (whoever you are.) its just that i faced a ton of problems then and i didn't want anybody to worry.. because only i worry for others.. not others worry for me.. because im Jason.. Why? Just because I am. =D

Anyway.. I went ChinaTown just now to search for some Warrior shoes that are my size.. In case you've had no idea what a warrior shoe is.. well.. it is those shoes with the red marking that is quite common nowadays... But the terrible thing is.. When i didn't like those shoes.. There were tons of them.. Now.. when i need them the most.. There is next to to Zero.. I can't find any.. i need some! Cos my other pair of warrior shoes which i use for parkour is quickly wearing out.. These few days we had classes on the ground floor.. because shirree fractured her leg trying to jump from the second floor i think? maybe one and a half floor? That's where jacob jump from if i remember.. Jacob can do amazing stuff without hurting himself.. Im gonna take a year before i can jump that height safely.. cos right now.. my body weight is already putting strain on my knees. jumping from a height taller than 2 m is dangerous.. right now... Though i got heavy bone.. I'll rather not suffer the failure.. for now..

Contrary to popular beliefs.. Parkour is not a sport that is meant to show off... like the chinese translation of parkour.. (they call it Pao Ku which literally means, Run Cool) Free running is the expression of movement. While parkour is the movement itself.. Even free-runners do the flips not to show off.. They express themselves in order to inspire others to break out of the mould the system bound us in. someday i'll express myself in my way to inspire others to do it their way.

Just now at chinatown.. took abit of photos.. Here's some. And also some photos from the trip to jelutung harbor park at sembawang.. The location where we train.

the ones from jelutung harbor park too big liao.. so nvm..

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