"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heartless Man.

Well........ i feel that i am heartless.. I did not care for a friend when she is down.. I only asked her "why?".. I never ask her "what?" I feel so heartless..

Went running today with my brother... My brother felt like a hole just opened up in his heart.. Heartless.. It felt great to run.. First time i feel great.. Go gym those people KaoPei KaoBu... (Rely Father, Rely Mother.. :D) All look at me like.. Is this big bubbly lump of lard gonna oil the treadmill? =D Ok..... This is just a Novelisation..

Well I cant think of anything to write.. so i guess i'll just stick with love poems.. =_="" Dedicated to anyone who needs a comforting Chim-Glish..


I wish i am Blind,
So i can't see what blinds us all.

I wish i am Deaf,
So i can't hear all these wrongs..

I wish i am Mute,
So i can't say all these things to you.

I wish i don't have fingers,
So i can't count the days i wasted,
Ignoring you.

I wish i don't have feets,
So i can't run away from my problems.

I wish i don't have a mind,
So i don't have to think rationally,
For love & reason never come well together.

I just Wish for you to be happy,
So that I won't feel so Heartless...

I can sacrifice all these,
But let it not be the Heart,
For love is my life,
It'll only end when I die.

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm really sorry.. I'm really really sorry if i hurt you..

Now.. Speculating.. People are thinking about who i like.. All these poems.. They are dedicated to her..But The Her is wrong.. It is indeed someone.. But not here.. Not anymore.. She was my primary school friend..

However.. The recent happenings.. All those things that came outta nowhere.. It is all a scam.. "Her" is a nobody.. because she was never there.. No longer there..

So.. To the one affected... I can only say sorry.. Well.. In a poetic way..

I'm sorry

You were tired of all those things..

You seek to be cleared of all those things..

You found a way to avoid these things..

You made it.. 
I shall help you in it..
But please forgive me..
For i know you're Unhappy, Upset, stressed..
I don't mean to make you like so..

Lets be friends again.. 
If only you read this.. 
Which you probably never will..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Woo woo yeh yeh~~~ Another day of story!

WOOOOOOOOH! Today i bought a new shoe! A RUNNING SHOE!! ITs "Brooks Launch!" A cool cardinal red!!! WOW!

Enough with the ranting.. =D Today's a story day.. I'm beginning to think that nobody ever reads this blog.. T_T Come on... Talk to me.. Let me know i am living on Earth and not on Mars... T_T



12.35..Breaking News
"The Airbird 756 had just taken off this morning when air turbulence and storm clouds caused the jumbo jet to crash into a nearby mountain range.. There was no survivors." My grandfather recounted.. as he showed me a news article dated 23 April 2010..Clipped to the article was a photograph of him and a peculiar man.. Seemingly tall.. Behind them was the ill-fated Airbird 756, hours before the crash..

"Marcus... that man, i could never forget.. He was my best friend.. He was the one who helped your Grandma to tie the knot with me.."

"What did he do? Gramps?"

"Lets start from the beginning shall we? It all started when we were in secondary school.. We were strangers back then.. But we soon became close friends when our second year was closing..He was a quiet man, but he would always make his friends happy.. no matter the cost nor the price.."

"Such a man existed? In a world of money?" 

"Yes son..He could trade his happiness for the happiness of others.. During the second half of the third year, he fell in love.. with a girl.. Your Grandma...She wasnt exactly pretty back then but she was in her heart and mind..She charmed us both.. Well.. He did many things to impress her.. He wrote her poems secretly.. He gave her gifts.. but none appealed to her.. When it was clear that he wasn't the one.. He went into depression.. Because i was the one.. "

"Grandma liked you? You are lucky.."

"Yeah.. I am.. Because he was my friend.. I didn't wanna betray him.. so i avoided her as much as possible.. But somehow.. I fear that i would hurt her feelings.. It was then..He called me.. He said.."Jake.. I'm leaving this place.. I'm taking my studies elsewhere in the world.. I'll leave on 23 April..My Dad wants me to further my studies without distraction. Can you come over now? I got something i wanna give you.." I was shocked when i first heard the news.. I went over to his house immediately..When i got there.. He gave me a letter.. To give to your Grandma.. He told me it was a letter of confession before he leave.. I was saddened by the fact that he was my best friend.. yet he has to leave..Before i left his house.. he gave me a smile and shaked my hand one last time.. His smile, I can never forget.. It feels as though he has something planned.."

"So.. Did you see him off?"

"I did.. I did.... He told me to give your grandma the letter after he left.. I did.. The whole class was there to see him off.. I gave your grandma the letter.. Her face blushed.. I took the letter from her.. and i read it..

"Dear Carol, Whenever i am sitting at my desk in class, I would always gaze your way.. Whenever i see you being reprimanded by the teacher.. It breaks my heart.. Here is a rose, It will never die, for it symbolises my love for you.. Would you accept me? 


Marcus.. He played such a big prank on me.. One which i am grateful for.. It was no wonder he told me to take care of her before he left.. As i left the Airport and went home beaming.. I caught news of the disaster.. I was thoroughly hit by his death.. He helped me so much.. yet i could not repay him.. I could not save him.. I am useless.. The only thing i can help him is.. to love your grandma in his place.."

"If only i had such a friend.. It would be great.."

"You will son, There is always an angel in your life who will help you to achieve great things..Here, this.. Is a rose. It has always been with me since that day.. I never told your grandma about this.. Treat this as a family heirloom, for this is the thing that made our family.."


Saturday, August 28, 2010

What will happen to me if everyone in my family dies??

When i think of this.. i will cry.. I feel so helpless without them... though i have friends.. my kins are still closest to me.. If i die.. my family will be sad.. but if they die.. i will be completely devestated.. nobody to rely on.. I will do one thing.. turn to Islam... cos if i have a religion.. Islam would be it..

To her.. the all-pretty.. always on my mind..

4 things i love about you..

You're pretty..
You're beautiful..
You're kind..
You're cheerful

In my mind..
In my eyne
Deep down my heart...
To everybody's eye..

Beyond my perception..
Beyond my perspective.. 
For the warmth you gave me..
was never lacking..

These four things.. 
These great things..
These qualities..
Such Sympathy..

Gives me hope..
To Change me..
To Blessed thee..
Just for me..

If my life is all dark..
You're my lightbulb..
For you light up my life
Forever...and ever...


Credits to My brother who gave me this idea.. 
"i wish to dedicate this to all those out there who is trying to confess to their love but do not have the encouragement or the resolute to do so..like my brother.. =D" ------------ From Eugene Yong, my elda.. brotha..

Friday, August 27, 2010

I feel discouraged.. somehow..

Things are somehow going downhill.. whatever about "don't mind" is all fake... i really feel tired of going for something impossible.. really feel tired of taking all these hits over and over again... but everytime.. i remember the words about valentine's day.. I'll stand up.. and continue to be the one.. who will give the rose...


On this day,
Saint Valentine died,
On this day,
"We will be tied.."

This is what i thought..
What may never happen..
Yet still it might happen..

No matter what others continue to say.
No matter what my friends continue to tell me..
"She has someone she likes and its not you!"
I'll always tell them "then i will be the "someone else"

Yet.. when the real trial came..
I found no strength to win the game..
I found no power to fuel my passion..
I found no rival to match my love..
I only found myself.. standing before me..
I am my own enemy..

I myself, The deluded one.

But whenever i remember the words spoken..
Though as a joke to her.. It was hope for me.

I'll never forget the joke i laughed so awkwardly at..
Neither will i forget her flustered expression..

Though now she is so close yet so far..
On Valentine's day,
I will give her what i promised in my heart..

The Valentine's Joke.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am who I am.. Just that my class defines what is "I am"

Exactly.. if my class is so damm boring.. i will be too.. if the class is filled with monkeys.. i'm a monkey too.. monkey see monkey do...

Doing backstage...I love doing backstage... messing around while the curtains closed while the emcee is talking.. is priceless.. During the rehearsal today.. a few awesome friends from the mediatech group came over and help.. They suggested that we take the seats of the performers who are not coming.. so.. the band... i pretended i was playing the trumpet with Jig as the conductor.. The guitar.. i pretended i was Chyee Gin... Assidous.. i pretended i was fuzzy... =D It was great fun as it made an overal-ly boring rehearsal fun for the audience and us.. =D

So.. today's a poem about..You.. to all the girls out there who feel life is so miserable cos you cant compare to the chio bu sitting beside you.. =D

Beautiful You.

You're UGLY if you think you are...
You're a TOMBOY if you think you are..
You're MISERABLE if you think you are..
You're FRANKENSTEIN if you think you are..

But to everybody's eyes..
You're beautiful.
Just the way you are..

You'll be beautifully Ugly..
You'll be a Sexy Tomboy..
You'll be a Pretty Miserable..
And you'll be a Petite Frankenstein..

Why am i saying all this?
cause' nobody is born perfect..


Perfection comes from your mind.
You'll be.. if your mind and heart is beautiful..

No flower is more beautiful than the Perfection of the Mind


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Can anybody see me?

Do they even see me? The people around me treat me like an invisible man, i think i should just stay it at that, an invisible man, no restraints, no obstacles, no rumors to my love..cos nobody cares...

Somehow, i wish the two news my friend is going to tell me, is along the lines of "she doesnt like you" or "you're not the one" or even "she hates you." These... will only make me go for her even more.. =D

The world is not mine alone.

The world is not mine alone,
For you exist within it,
Though i may seem like a stone,
I really am without you.

You're mine own, yet not mine own.
For you have your own world.
Your own hopes,
Your own dreams,
Your own targets,
and your own Somebody.

I cannot make you mine own,
For you never really was,

Even if the sky tumbles,
Even if the land crumbles,
Even if the sea opens up and swallow me whole,
Even.. if you hate me.
I will still be the one, 
forever chasing after you,

For Love is so mysterious,
Which, is the essence of human.

I am only Human.
But my love is immortal.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you there?

Are you there? i'll ask myself.. Are you there? If you are there, never let me know, for i'll be in hot soup, for all those mushy mushy poems to you.. =D I dun think you even know i like you.. You'll never know, until the day comes, my birthday.. =D

Poem.. Nothing else to write.. so.. love poem again!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! =D



Liking someone, 
is pouring all your expectations of that someone into her.
Loving somebody,
Is to accept her flaws and expecting nothing more from her.

Liking someone,
Is when you feel flushed when you see her.
Loving somebody,
Is when you feel sad, anger, fear, happiness for her.

Liking someone,
Is to hold her tight, never letting go.
Loving somebody,
Is to leave her be, to move with the flow.

Liking someone,
Is to crave for her company.
Loving somebody,
Is to be her company.

Love is special..
That why you have "Somebody Special."

She is that somebody.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Life in Reverse.

My coursework just went CMI.. My casing and my Coursework is on different paths.. one is about the Waterproof problem while the other is about the portability of water detectors.. respectively.. Now i have to change my coursework instead of my casing.. there is no turning back.. no more.. My life is in reverse..

My subconcious self must be using this way.. to tell me.. to go back in time, to a time i wasn't under a mask, to a time i WAS ME.

Now i am not gonna make the same mistake again!.. No longer am i going to move further and further apart from my special somebody like the ones before.. Today is the day i move closer and closer and closer towards her.

I think i'll have a love poem on mondae and the rest is all random things...

I didn't know you were there before me,
Until i caught sight of your hair swaying free...
You were there all along, 
but Me Ol' Me was never there for long.
I never notice your inner beauty,
Until you spoke to me on that day,
Even though you never seemed pretty.
But you Were in a way.
It was then you spoke to me, 
from then on, 
about your hopes and dreams.
If only i can be with you, 
I'll be the luckiest man ever, In this Realm.
For you light up my life,
Brighter than the sun,
You are pretty,
More than what i can say.
Beyond perception,
Prettier than the Dames.
Your smile gives hope.
Never stop smiling,
For my life was given, by hope.
You're Cheerful. Which.. is your beauty.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Remember Remember the fifth of November..

I made a great big vow to myself a few months ago.. I will be a Thai Boxer.. it seems so far.. but the only thing i'm good at is in fighting.. But even great men need friends to support him, like Muhammad Ali, he wouldnt make it without his commemtator-friend supporting him throughout his matches, publicising for him..

Today's poem is dedicated to my friends, they are My Wind.


If i am a bird, i can soar.
If i am a leaf i can fall.

But if there is no wind, the bird can't soar.
If there is no wind, the leaf can't tumble and fall.

Wind under my wings are the friends supporting me.
Wind under me, allows me to move free of the tree.

My friend, you have showed me how to soar, tumble and fall.
If i am the wings, You are my wind. 

Thank You for being there for me. 


"IS THIS BLOG EVEN PUBLIC?" --Quote from my sister.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm on my knees when I'm (beggin) 'Cause I don't want to lose (you)...

Todae's a Saturday.. A day that is boring.. a day without her.. a day without my friends. a day without the thrills of seeing her as i turn a corner..

Well.. ok... somehow i don't know what to write now... blogger's block i guess?

Sometimes.. i feel like my life is like a leaf.. it can overturn and tumble in the wind, it can float on water without sinking.. it can soar high above the skies with the wind.. but it will always wither and die...

A story day today! i think i'll have 6 days of poems and 1 day of stories, until Valentines Day, or until the day i die.. =D

Story: Being Loved..


14 March 2010..

Today in school.. nothing.. nothing special happened at all.. Just something, something at the back of my head i can't identify.. A name i guess.. An instinct..
An instinct that something titanic is going to hit me soon... In my heart, in my soul.


22 March 2010

Another day in school.. Some of my classmate played Truth or Dare... Its a game i'll never play, i have too many secrets, too afraid to say.. The instinct is growing more sensitive with each passing day.... it transformed.. A feeling that tells me.. somebody likes me..



30 March 2010

Today, Dave talked to me.. I was sick on that day, so very sick.. This was the first time in a long time that he talked to me.. He asked me "Are you ok?" I was so shocked that i couldn't find my words... Its so odd.. Its so confusing.. I have a feeling that someone is watching out for me every second,caring silently..



4 April 2010

Everything's coming together.. I think i'm falling for Dave.. Its a weird feeling.. His flaws suddenly vanished.. He seemed so perfect.. Maybe its just a natural reaction.. The feeling's growing stronger by the minute...



12 April 2010

Went to study with a group at the local mall.. Dave was inside too.. Somehow the feeling's gone.. when i'm with him.... I don't feel awkward around him.. maybe my feelings for him is just a temporary.. He cares for me more than my friends do.. like my Dad would do.. silently, but with great care..



14 April 2010

My Birthday is coming soon, so excited! As i sat behind my desk, my eyes lingering around until i caught sight of Dave looking at me.. Feels so odd.. Now he looks like a STALKER!.. Maybe Dave likes me.. Maybe not.. Maybe i have feelings for him.... maybe not..



19 April 2010

MY BIRTHDAY TODAY! Dave gave me a present today, felt so happy.. I'm so sure he's in love with me.. Everyday i'll catch sight of him looking at me from a distance.. I think i have some feelings for him.. deep in my mind..



20 April 2010

Dave and his friends were telling each other of their special somebody when it was his turn to.. His friend asks me for the names of the girls in the class.. when i asked if it was me.. He said no.. I felt sad.. but atleast my doubts are cleared..



24 April 2010

Today, is the last day i am writing in this Diary as i start a new life.. Today Dave told me he was sorry and that he never meant to hurt my feelings, He confessed.. so did i.. and at that moment, that feeling came back.. it was not an instinct.. it was the feeling of being loved... Today is the day i will write with Dave.

Mary and Dave.


24 April 2018


From Mary, To Dave.


OK.. Here's a short story from the recesses of my mind.. This is the first time i every tried making up a story ok? =D Tmr will be a poem!! MUAHAHAHHAA!..

Friday, August 20, 2010

One Lie, Two Truths, One wish,

Im Jason, Imma councillor, i'm 190 cm tall and i'm taken. =D
The truth is, i am jason and i am a councillor, the lie is i'm 190 cm tall and my wish is, i'm taken. =D

I think someday, i'll need to get fuzzy to teach me all he knows about being a goal keeper.

Gonna buy a soccer ball soon.



Every Morning, i see the sunrise before me.
Every Evening, i see the sunset before me.

If the Sun never sets, neither will i rest.
If the Sun never rise, neither will i wake.

For you're my Sun, and i am the Land.


BYEBYE.... ANY APPLAUSE? NO? I KNEW IT! Nobody is listening and half the world AINT WATCHING! T_T.. Just bear with it, tomorrow will be a short story..

Thursday, August 19, 2010

If i said "nah" then it is true, if i said "no" then.. i'm probably lying.

NO. A strong word, with so many feelings, it hides one, while it shows the other..
Feeling alittle bit sad today....

But i think, i need to be happy.. just like..someone.

I liked, i cared, i loved, but never did i say it.. just like a Dad would.


This time, is about what happened today.



I see u every single day,
but never did i feel so dazed.

For what had happened today,
is what i hope that never may,

Maybe i hurt you with what i said,
or maybe i'm the one who is hurt,
for never did i have the face.
for i never meant to be so curt.

February 11,
might it be Valentine's Day?
It never will, for what i had done today,
simply, to put myself away,
so that you have space to sway.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A good day todae..

Todae is one of the rare days, when we don't need to hand up anything the next day. =D


Seriously having a great big headache now...

Played Bball ironman with Travis and En Yi today, only managed to score one tyco shot... =D

then, played Soccer with Marvin and Pat. and gang. I think i have more affinity for soccer than basketball..

Well, as always, a poem a day... gives you...tears on that day? I NOE I CANT RHYME! T_T

Here's a poem (as always) about what i would do, if the next day is my death date.

============================*SHINY BLING BLING*==================================


Death, cant be felt nor touched nor smell,
it can only cause sorrow and regret and guilt.

If tomorrow is my death date,
I would never falter under the Grim Reaper's Scythe.

If tomorrow is my death date,
i con only hope that my death would not cause sorrow.

For, the death with sorrow would not be a happy one,
for i have sinned by causing another's harm,
in feelings and in heart.

If i am going to die tomorrow,
I'll take a velvet rose,
and give it to the one special to me.
for my love for her,
will last until that rose withers.

This poem suxs...

I always have a feeling that i can die anytime anywhere, i am not afraid of dying, i am afraid that someone would mourn for my death.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Still doing my homework, still blogging up to this day.

Now blogging is a daily habit for me. Not much of the sickness lingers in me now..
Daily poems.. i'm running out of ideas already! T_T
Here's a(nother) poem for the friend who is feeling sad and down.


We were friends since that day,
since that meeting on that boring holiday.
We became closer as we play SA,
we soon become rivals in CA.

Our friendship strengthened,
by the hours we fought against, and beside.
You once saved me with you sniping skills,
just as i did with my MP5s.

But soon, things happened,
You went down, for real,
but you stood up again,
as we walked up and down again.

WE had different cases,
but we had a single purpose,
to fight for the one we like,
no matter the cost, nor the price.

In the end you fought, you lost,
but you did try.
unlike me who did not even dare to try.

Now i have a new person in mind,
and you feel as cold as ice,
as i ignored your advice.

but remember, 
though we are not bound in blood,
we are bound in metal, among the storms and among the floods.

This is for the one,
who made his feeling clear,
the one who stood up after the fall,
and continued to walk.


Monday, August 16, 2010

If sick is a saiyan, then im a super saiyan..

Im super sick todae.. had to go to the doctors and w8 2 and a half hours, feeling better now.. but definitely not going school tmr.. to sick to even open my right eye. Cant concentrate with snot dripping out of my nose.. Headachy.. stomachy..Tracheotomy.. =D

Todae my brother came and pick me up.. he's that suave cool guy dat most people in school never sees before.. =D HE's angry for w8ing a few hours, cos my class PA system does not work at all.. ITs like: "DING DONG DING TONG~~.. *SILENCE* diNG doNG diNG toNG.." WTH? It repeated a second time without a sound.
Sometimes i wish i could shout at people when im angry.. but something is always holding me back, something that tells me that nobody deserves my scolding. Maybe of wad Ming Kwang said last time: "Jason, nobody deserves anything that has happened to them." A young philosopher..

A little poem again. This time to the NCC NCOS who stood beside me in times of need.

When i Fell

On the day of the orientation,
You dragged me and had me serve the nation.
On the third of the training.
You had grown tired of struggling.

But in the end,
You came back,
and you are now part of the pack,

On the first camp,
we had to run with them,
i slipped and fell,
but you pulled me up,
though you were against the time too..
It is then we were as close as two.

When we had to run up and down the stairs,
you constantly ask me, constantly care for me,
such friendship is rare,
among the most oddly paired.

You're always with a smile,
Though u may be as silent as hell.
Though you're serious when time calls for it.
You're always friendly, when needed be.

You were the most oblivious,
But you were also the most obvious.
You became a friend when we went to camp.
And many more months after that.

You will always look for me, when you needed something from me.
Maybe to you i am a friend, a tool, a helper or a man.
But to me,
you are my brother.

Sometimes i may annoy you,
but you always try to keep it to heart,

You may wonder who this is,
This, is NCC.

Thats it, btw, every verse is dedicated to different people in NCC...

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Im sick.. todae.. sneezed abt 20 - 30 times todae.. and having a runny nose, maybe not coming to school tmr.. But tmr is a pe dae! the only dae of the week!!

Gonna have the exact dimensions by tmr for my project.. if not, i'm dead..

Im having trouble typing right now.. cant concentrate.. i feel cold..

Here's another poem.


When i see u, i feel happy, but i feel sad too.
Sad for what has happened to u, happy for being able to see you.

When u are sad and down,
i felt like i just drowned,
When u are happy and jolly,

i felt like im one of the teletubbies. =D


This would be the worst poem ever.. i'm not good at poetry though..=D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Played handball todae with Fiz and WK

YAY~~~!!! Todae is a fun dae, do hmwk, play handball, go home.. Softball throw is scary!!..

Gonna play SA now, Maybe i should make a poem for my special somebody.. =D

DRAFT (dun take this seriously)

To others, i am a freak.
To some, i am just weak.
To most, i am just a mailbox.
To a few, i am a fox...

but to her i am a friend, 
not a beast, animal or fiend.
But i don't mind if i am a creep, 
for if she is the Beauty,
I am the Beast.

Any applause? ANY? REALLY NO STANDING OVATION? I think i'll just go and emo in one small corner of the world.. T_T

Friday, August 13, 2010

Todae's a FRIDAE!

Todae's the best dae of the week!..

Maybe playing handball tmr?

If possible, i'm gonna get a ticket for YOG Boxing, should have ordered my tickets there and then.. T_T

Slept thru most of the lessons todae.. CHEM TEST IS A TOTAL FAILURE!

Life Lesson:

Excerpt from Wednesdae's "Interview" with our great philosopher! NEO WEI KEONG!

WK: My life's code, is that in life, you always have two choices, like in the    
    morning, you can wake up, and make the decision of whether to be happy today  and make it a fruitful day, or you can just be sad and emo all day long.. When you have hmwk to do.. you also have two choices, to do your hmwk, gain some knowledge, or to slack and dont care abt the hmwk at all.. I chosed the first one..

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Didnt think i could survive until the third dae of blogging..

Played handball todae with a sec 4 guy i dunno.. =D He thought me some tricks abt handball and the weakness of the "pros" in 3A1.. =D

Was Sad todae at first, but not any more...i think i'll be sad again tmr.. =(


Todae so tired.. completely sleep through Math. =D


i think i should write a song somedae.. maybe this song would be.. Cravin'.. =D


Everything seems impossible..T_T

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Todae's a hard dae!..

Drilling and commanding just isnt my suit.. (is that right?) i think i should change position with the Welfare I/C and just be an Admin and a caring... sarge?

Im gonna lose my voice somedae.. Wei Keong is our professional sarge! Telling the other Sarges' to do pumping with the Sec 2s.

WK: "Eh Jason, One For All, All For One Lah.." HE WILL BE THE STAFF SARGE!!


Picking up some Basketball skills recently... Playing Basketball was fun, though i'm always being owned by Hafiz's SUPER ACCURATE OMG!! SHOT!! =D


Should i go for the Basic Diving Course? Im scared i'll not be able to jump off the board due to my Acrophobia.. T_T

Nothing is Impossible..(Well.. Maybe something is impossible..??)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day of Blogging


First day of blogging! Never tried bloggin before, well i think i'm just gonna blog about my life so far, maybe abit about SA, maybe even about my special someone.

It would be great if, i have a present on valentine's day.. since its only a few days away from my birthday, but its impossible unless i do something.=D

=Nothing Is Impossible=