"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

Monday, December 27, 2010

mp5 full feature showcase.. =D

ok! How this? im rushing.. so.. no words spoken.. somehow i dun feel safe going tmr.. knowing full well the dangers of going home late.. =D

ok adios amigo..

Good nite.

i've been wanting to say this for a while now..
I just hope you're listening.
I just hope that whatever i say is not the wind blowing at your ears..
I just hope it'll be the sweetest thing you'll ever hear..

I just truly wish you a Merry Merry Christmas.
But on top of that.

A very good nite!
A friend once told me i should reply wish someone well when she wishes me good nite.

I just hope you'll wish me nites too.
 =D Nites! <3

Saturday, December 25, 2010

By the request of two of my fiends..

I mean FRIENDS! I decide to update my blog just for todae.. =D There's nothing really to update abt.. but i'll just show some pictures of the Ak 101 i worked on... Just a simple paint job..

Nothing really extraordinary..
Dun really noe why the picture's so weird.. dun care also..

Oh.. these few daes got me aching... doing parkour with wk and fiz near his house.. and playing with cute cats! we named a few who dared to play with us.. (cos most of them are scared of humans.. T_T) Sally is a cute cat... Cally is a cutie who loves to bite me..Cookie is the Tabby who loves to sleep.. brownie is the little kitten who loves to yawn.. =DD

I feel good.

I feel good when you're there..
But i'll probably feel better if you're by my side..

I wish that you'll not be plagued by problems..
I wish that i'll stop being a problem for you..
But i still wish for your happiness..

Merry Christmas!

Felis Navidad to all my fiends! Fizzy, wk, siti..

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Its been such a long long time since i updated my blog..

These few daes was quite fun as i went out with Hafiz, WK, syakir and his cousin farhan?.. Looking around singapore for the best location for a MV we're making this week.. Yesterdae we met up with the indonesian Andi to start filming.. He's quite a nice guy though his accent's pretty strong.. He says ours is also very strong.. =D

Anyway yesterdae we had several takes at clarke quay.. with hafiz venting his anger on the friggin reflector as andi didn't know what hafiz was saying.. XDD It was the first time that we ever collaborated with youtubers from other countries.. maybe next time we will have youtubers from america? europe? russia? maybe even from the north or south pole! =DD

Um.. todae i sorta skipped the production cos my mum wouldn't let me out cos no money.... Hopefully tomorrow i can if i fork out some of my money.. T_T

I've seen many beautiful girls while we're out on the streets.. when we see these girls we will tell each other.. Panas!! then NOT so beautiful girls we will say.. Long kang.. =DD  some of them are really pretty.. but sadly.. They are see no touch.. can see, cannot touch.. T_T


To me you're more than just a crush.
To me you're more than someone i love.
To me you're a paragon.

A perfect ideal person.
To others you might not be.
But to me.
You're definitely.


Friday, December 17, 2010


Sorry sorry sorry sorry yande yande yande yande... =D I was too focused on my mp5 modification... and bs.. too... I cant really say that blogging is my hobby now.. =D Now im gonna go and paint my ak camo.. =D

Something for you guys to see...

Any comments?


Whenever you look at me..
I feel crushed..
Whenever i talk to you..
I feel like crashing...

The only time i can talk to you..
Is when you're no longer my crush..
When you're no longer the love of my life..
When you're just a friend.. 

But for now..
I much rather enjoy not talking to you.. =D
Silence is golden..


Monday, December 13, 2010



OK.. BE SHOCKED!! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! OK.. I have nothing to tok abt..

Bye bye.

Its so simple a word..
Yet its so complicated in life. 

If only i can understand you.
Love is not just a single word.
It is three.


Sunday, December 12, 2010

A need to dominate.

I sometimes couldn't get it.. Why some people just like to dominate others or control others? Is it because they fear what the weak can achieve if they turn strong? OR is it a sense of insecurities.. Are the truly weak the one who tries to control? Or the one who need not control? Some people are just really that "fake" dominator.. They are really weak inside.. True that nobody is perfect.. I maybe a dominator too... But i noe that and im trying to change.. But i dun understand what is it that needs to be changed..

I just realised there's alot of people with anti-social disorder.. People who have anti-social disorder are often males.. They try VERY hard to dominate and control others.. They try VERY hard to keep the "weak" from going over them.. They TRY VERY HARD to be superior.. They are those you call "jerks" Those who TRIES VERY HARD TO BECOME MORE MAN. So much they become insensitive jerks..  I guess its enough with the ranting...  Can anyone tell me why some people like the power of domination? I hate myself for being a dominator... I feel like a jerk when i tell people to do something they wouldn't like.. But i cant stop it.. Wonder if anybody can just tell me why..

OK... BACK TO SOMETHING LIGHTER... YOYOYOOYOYOYYOYOYOYOOOO SISTA!!.... I got an idea for your fanfic.. more in depth actually rather than just a title.. =D There's this guy who goes to work every morning.. Boring boring work.. Then recently a girl starts to make an appearance at the bus stop.. The guy somehow likes the girl.. then they....become closer friends... until one day the girl suddenly disappears... urgh... im bad at stories.... i dunno how to continue ordy....anyway hope you'll look at this and hopefully give you more ideas... I wonder why im doing this? Maybe cos im bored? or is it because i want to make something out of that idea.... dun mind me.. =D

HMMM... Im getting bored talking through the blog... Im getting bored only having one friend updating blogs...


Top of the line..
Higher than the mountains..
Greater than the seas..

Can i ever be someone fit enough to be named Paramount?

Or can i be someone fit enough to be named Paragon?

For IM_Paramount.
That is my name.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

a kiss to build a dream on..

=D =D =D

Im in LOVE!! There's this really pretty girl who is really pretty who is really kind.. She is really perfect!! Ok.. Im just joking.. I've been staying at home until im gonna melt.. I never seen any girl at home except my mom and my god-sister.. I feel very very very very empty... I envy those who have someone they like.. I don't have one.. But i don't feel anything.. which is good..

Like the love quote from above... I'm not in love.. therefore now my poem sucks.. anyway.. I KNOW WHAT YOU CAN NAME YOUR FANFIC SITI! "LOVE IN THE BUS STOP"!!! Ok.. Im just joking.. I realised im only talking to you through the blog... cos everyone else stopping bloggin ordy..T_T

WE're gonna do a MV for an Indonesian band!! I think.... I imagine.. a story.. abt a guy who fell in love with a girl who he will always see at the bus stop...

A dream..

I dreamed a dream..
Of you with me..
Of us..
Of Bliss and Harmony..

I imagined a life..
With you..
With our families..
With our hopes and wishes...

But i realised..
That in the end.
It is just wishful thinking..
It is just a dream..

If anybody asks.. Yes, these poems are from myself.

Friday, December 10, 2010

long time bygones...

listening to louis armstrong's song.. I realised that there weren't many music that could really convey emotions like louis armstrong... Perhaps im too caught up by love.. Perhaps now my blog posts are no longer hilarious... because im numbed.. I think i have so many problems.. So much i dun even noe where to start from..But when i wanna start... All those little tiny problems simply disappear...  La Vie En Rose.. Its a nice song.. Somehow it reminds me of true Love...  i recommend listening to it though i don't really expect anyone to do so..

Im just a bit tired.. Don't tell me... I have to search for a new target? Maybe its high time i do something about my empty heart.. Its time i go out to the streets and ask a girl for her name... Sometimes im tempted to do that.. People in singapore would mock me for being so cheap.. They would laugh at me.. But to me.. It is something many lacked.. It is called bravery..

YES! Do something abt the one you like.. Even though for one second you had a crush upon him/her.. Just go straight to his/her face, hug him/her and say I Love You..

WEll... Lets try something funnier.. Its getting boring...

Oh wait.. In blackshot.. Whenever i see a nade flying towards me.. I would scream SHIT! But when i get blasted sky high before i even noe it.. I'll only say.. shit...


To you im probably just another somebody on the road of your life..
But to me.. 
You're a rose by the side of the lonely road..

So pristine..
So pure..
Untouched by time eternal..

I wish you knew how i feel..
I wish you will accept me..
I wish that that moment shall never end.. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I missed alot of post...

Playing too much bs until im neglecting my blog... Siti is right.. the blog is our only friend.. The only friend you talk to and the only friend who'll truly listen to you when no others would..maybe it is because these few daes nothing happened at all... Maybe because im not in school where the fun is...

Sometimes i hate school so much i dun wanna go for it....
Oh.... BTW... I think we need actresses... Shatterfilm crew only got me wk and hafiz... and Smedia..syakir... We need actresses! T_T

Shatterfilms probably embarking upon an episodal film.. Which starrs me and wk as brothers who fights in the end..


I cannot say how fortunate i am..
To have pots of gold and fountains of water..
I cannot say how fortunate i am..
To have people by my side to support me..

But i can say..
O How fortunate i am!
To have you by my side..
To have my love by my side..
To have somebody stand by me forever..
Even unto death..

Love unto Death..

Monday, December 6, 2010

sick again...

for 2 weeks... T_T played bs and made the Ka-bar until i forgot to update my blog.. im sure it doesn't matter to you at all right? who am i lying?  im beginning to think that this blog had been a joke from the start.. a lie.. to cover up more lies.. I like somebody so much it edges on Love and Hate.. This blog is the nail stuck to me.. to stop me from edging over to hate.. This blog reminds me of what made her beautiful.. Who am i lying.. Nobody is looking at this blog.. Im talking to myself all the way.. Nobody really cared.. They just replied cos they had to.. Cos they are good people...
But i can safely say my love for her was never a lie.. .It wasn't even a fact to begin with.. How can it be a lie?

Sometimes i think.. What if i die.. Will anybody really care? Im probably just a blight on earth to some.. Possibly a tool to most.. Unlikely a friend to many..If i die.. I hope im among the thousands.. No glory unto death.


a reversal of a word..
The Antonym of Love is Hate..
The synonym of Love is also Hate...

You either Love someone forever or you Hate someone forever...
But when you truly learnt to Love..
You have learnt to hate.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Aiyh.. Im sick.. Really really sick..

for two daes i was so sick the only thing i could do was lay in bed.. Finally now im feelin better.. I missed two blog post entirely...aiyah.. damm it.. The councillors went to HK.. Now im all alone in Singapore.. I probably took the bulk of the illness for them..T_T

My brother is always teasing me abt Cam... Are we really that "too" close? Should i like.. edge away?? The irony.. She is close to me.. But she is actually really far away... So close yet so far.. damm it.. Why is it so much like a love quote?.. NO!! I made a vow not to touch the people whom i call my siblings.. =D But what if you have two siblings who fight with each other? Do i denounce one of them? OR should i patch them up in a way?? What if the first thing they do is claw at each other's neck when they see each other? I don't wish to lose my friend who is close to me.. but i also don't wish to lose my old friend.. Sometimes i wish that i can disappear..


Clouded by my judgement..
Clouded by my eyes..
Clouded by my visions of what is pretty..
I am clouded by Love..

But is Love really pretty? 
Is Love really that powerful?
Is Love something we can hold and never let go? 

I Love You.. Is really something hard to say.