"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ave Mari~~~~a... I love to sing this song..

Though i do not understand fully what the lyrics in latin means.. I guess it is a prayer.. I love to sing this song in low pitch then followed by super high pitch.. Once i tried it in the toilet.. Some guys when to the toilet to see if it was a girl... =DD IT was damn funnay... They were like.. O_O? I guess my vocal range can be quite low and quite high.. or it simply just sounded like a pig being slaughtered.... anyway.. I realise im running out of words now.. So.. i'm gonna stop right here.... K im back. I stop right here and i started right there.. makes perfect sense huh? I realized that what i've been writing here has the sole purpose of making the future me remember the things that happened when i was young... Some may ask why is it that my blog post are mostly about random crazy stuffs.. well.. I do not want to lose myself in the course of becoming and adult.. I hope that this blog will keep what remains the child within me when i become older.

Anyway today was random.. Ms xu was walking about the class in bare feet during lifeskills period.. Probably cause she is wearing high heels.. She was walking so awkwardly when she crossed the parade square.. Anybody who know Ms Xu noes that she usually walks damn fast.. unless she is wearing high heels or her feets hurt..

Today matin sat beside me.. And i joked with him about some stuff.. mostly lame stuff... I was so bored that i took a tissue paper and stuck on my moustache.. then i told matin.. that "This is the Akmal!" Then i turned the paper the other way and stuck it on my chin.. then i told him that "This is the REVERSE AKMAL!" Then i made a goatee out of it and i stuck it on my face.. Then i told him.. you guessed it right! "This is the GOATEE AKMAL!" I succeeded in making him laugh though.. Im gonna make it a point to make somebody happy or laugh everyday..

I realised that true happiness does not come from laughing at somebody's joke... It comes from making other laugh because of your jokes.. It makes me feel so happy to see others laugh heartily.. ._. weird huh?

I've also realised that many people in the class see me as quiet and shy.. Well.. On the contrary.. im pretty sure if they know me well enough.. I can be quite the opposite.. just ask ariel or sam.

I've got two passion. One is Filmmaking, The other is acting. Though i noe that my acting may not be the best.. I find joy in portraying a character who is radically different from me.. It allows me to experience a life i've never thought of before and it also makes me think more about this kind of people.. Like when i acted as Shades in the Brothers Part 1.. What came to my mind was that shades is a friggin cunning man who will stop at nothing to achieve his wants.. But what made him like that that he had to kill his own brother? well i envisioned him as having a reason for his action... He had to kill his brother so that he could take the seat of the mafia boss.. true.. But he had another reason. He knew that being a mafia boss is dangerous.. So in order to prevent his brother from suffering (due to his position as a mafia boss, life being threatened every second; on the run from the law.) he decides to kill him himself.. His love for his brother make perfectly no sense.. Ok.. Come to think of it.. I wasn't using the left side of my brain.. hell i ain't even using either.. =D


A Poem.. HHA im just joking..


I've always inspired to be a powerful and noble man.
I've always inspired to be one.

Despite all the struggles that came before me.
I seek to be one.

I am inspired to seek, seek to inspire. 

That is why i took up Parkour.
To inspire others.
To live a life.
Free from the system of society.
Free from the blades of the rotor.
That sucks you in and drains you rot. 

To Parkour, Is to Inspire. To Inspire is to live. 
Parkour is my Life.


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