"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I FORGOT TO BRING MY HOMEWORK HOME.. Im so dead... Oh shit.. Now im just gonna rely on my friends on FB to give me abit of an enlightenment... Very confusing homework..
I feel like im dead u noe.. GRHH!! NEVER SAY DIE!! Im so very confused.. Can anyone help me?? T_T

Uh.. Todae.. I brought another P22.. for 5.90 again.. I think i really love guns.. W8.. I do love guns.. So much that i modified this..
Into.. This..

Using a heated blade.. I cut thru the plastic like butter.. Just that the butter tasted funny.. no.. i never tasted plastic before.. dun ask me why..The penknife i heated up was almost reduced to carbon.. But it did the job and i ditched it after using it.. =DD I wont do that to my GF though.. =D

Argh.. My homework is not done yet.. Yet im still here.. looking at these damm things.. Cos i just could not comprehend the fact that im facing Death in the eyes tomorrow morning with my half-closed eyes.. I think i'll eat lots of chocolates tonight.. Then i can wake up with a fever the next morning.. Better yet. I should just jump around until my knee starts to feel hot again.. Then im off to the stretcher!! I.. dreamed of you todae.. You.. = readers.. i mean...really.. I dreamt that my blog went global and people all over the world were reciting my poems.. My poems marked the beginning of a great cultural revolution.. A revolution of love!!.. I noe it sounds ridiculous.. But hey.. Anything is ridiculous in the dream world.. =D garh.. stress stress... Maths.. No problem lah.. McChicken Feet!! Lit is the greater of the lesser demons..

I finished mass effect todae and i feel happy.. I FEWL GOOD!! DADAADADADADA! I KNOW THAT I WOULD!! SO GOOD!! SO GOOD!! COS I GOT YOU!! =D Work.. My friend has posted that she has only one reader and that is me and she wants to work.. Sad.. If she stops bloggin and starts working.. I think i'll be bored and that i'll just keep on browsing through my own blog 10 times an hour without any changes.. T_T Other people blog all dead ordy.. Only my one long running.. Daily updated..

Work.. as my friend has stated.. is for money... But.. what if you work for money.. yet you're not happy? Would you work because its enjoyable? Or would you work cause it is an obligation? I would rather work enjoyably with a bright smile.. Though you may say im stupid for having fun while working.. I'll say that i love doing that certain thing.. not because i can.. Is because i will..

Like engineering.. I got attracted to this.. Not because i can learn more about structures.. Or learn more about how buildings works.. Or learn more about how buildings topple.. I want to be an engineer.. Because i love to invent new things.. I love to be innovative and creative.. I love to break out of the sky.. and pursue greater limits... I love to be the one.. Standing atop the stage.. Presenting my millionaire idea to the whole world.. So that one dae.. My work would not be in vain.. So that one dae.. My work will benefit all humanity..

Work for all.. Humanity as priority.

"To suppress our desires.. Is to suppress the very things that makes us Human"


Being Human..
Is only two words..
Being Human..
Yet.. Is a phrase..
That emcompasses what everyone wants to achieve.

Up till now..
Has anybody truly become Human?
Only a few..
Yet not many..
The few who became Human..
Is stronger than the many who didnt.

Humanity, is at stake..
We shouldnt fight..
Because of our language.
We shouldnt fight..
Because of our racial differences.
We shouldnt fight..
Just because..

We are Human.


Saturday, October 30, 2010


Its a P22!! HERE's a PIC!! I bought it for $5.90~~~ GOTTA MOD IT!! =D

I noe.. Im like a kid!! =D In case you dunno.. I LOVE TOYS!! YEAH! SAY ME KIDDY!! SAY ME LITTLE.. But so wad? I LIKE TOYS AND THATS A FACT!! =DDD SO... ON MY BIRTHDAE.. ITS OK IF YOU JUST BUY ME A TOY GUN.. VERY CHEAP ONE.. I would be happy.. cos not because i got another gun.. Its because buying cheap toys like this requires alot of guts to take it to the counter and look at the cashier in the eyes.. and say.. i wanna buy this.. when you're like 15-18 yrs old.. I would be very touched.. =D

Im gonna modify it using some paint and a blade to make it into a... nickel-plated slide P22.. Maybe even add a metal barrel into it.. If i can..I'll buy one of those hardened springs.. Increase air pressure.. =D

ARGGHHH.... I watched the Wahaha MV yesterdae siti!! They were doing things that i would do on camera.. Or rather.. WHAT I WOULD DO WHEN MY BROTHER IS ADMIRING HIMSELF IN THE MIRROR!! =DD YES!! I HAVE A NARCISSTIC BROTHER!! And i own him.. =D

I think my fashion.. or rather what i wear outside.. IS opposite of him.. He wears bermuda to show of his long legs.. While i wear Cargo pants to achieve that streetwear feel.. He wears t-shirts.. While i love polo shirts.. He wears converse shoes.. While i wear slippers or Sports Shoes.. he wears sunglasses outside.. i wear nothing but my big eyes.. He wears caps.. I wear nothing too.. He styles his hair up high.. My hair is flat down.. =D He is like.. i would say.. quite handsome..So much that a talent scout from mediacorp asked him to join.. =D He laughed at me when i wore my bermudas.. He say not because i look funny or ugly.. IS because i look refreshingly different.. =DD Maybe 10 yeas ltr i'll be as slim as him.. I think i would look much better if im slim...

People tell me.. Dun be so superficial.. Dun just think about your outside!! Your inside is the one that makes people like you truly.. Well.. I noe about that.. But i just feel like.. Im sort of insulting my GF (if i ever have one) with my size or everything..I should change my appearance or something so that my GF would be proud of me or something.. I dun wanna be someone who is taken.. our of pity.. ="(

OOH LALA.. I think i saw a pretty girl... *_* Nah.. just joking.. nobody is as pretty..as elusive..as beautiful..as great..as.. oh my.. "all the good things in the world"... as her.. Whose her? DAFFODIL!! Whose that? I dont know leh.. Who sia? Tell me? IS IT HER?? IS IT SHE?? ITS IT HIM...I MEAN HER! IS IT HER?? THERE!! THERE!!!.................................Is it you?

JKJK!! OF COURSE NOT YOU LAH!! You're better than that right? Unless you tell me.. you're willing to be her.. THEN OOOH!! IM HAPPY!! Nah. just joking.. Who would like a guy who smiles like an old perverted uncle? =D

AIH... AIYh... Yo..I dunno what to say sia.. What should i say to you? or me?.. um.. who are you? who are they? Who am I?


You cant see me..

Do you know i cant see you?
Its because you cant see me..

Because when i try to look your way..
You try to look the other way..
When i try to cross your path.. 
You try to walk the other way..

When i try to meet eyes with you..
You refuse and said you got other things to do..
Since you refuse me..

Then all the more i should try to go for you..
Make you see who i am..
Make you forgot who i really am..
Make you believe..I am who i am..


YAY!! ANOTHER POEMS OUT TO THE GIRL I LOVE 10 years later.. I hope this is a promise for me.. Sometimes.. I wonder... What would you.. You = readers.... do..
If i ever post here.. That i don't have more months to live..that i have throat cancer.. That im gonna die soon enough.. What would you do? This is only an assumption.. =DDD

Friday, October 29, 2010

90th post.. WEEEEEE!!!

90th post!! 10 more daes before the 100th post!! WOOOOOOOH!!! YAY!!! On the 100th post.. I'll have a surprise for you guys..yes you guys!! Who are "you guys"? Well.. The people who read this blog..a poem!! YES!! A LAME POEM!! YAY!!! A POEM JUST FOR YOU GUYS MY only READERS!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! YES!! PUKE!! I mean it. <3<3<3<3<3

I think i love my siblings and readers more than i love myself..and my crush and/or my Girlfriend.. WOOOOOH!! I HAS A GIRLFRIEND!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??? What is future continuous tense har? I wanted to write..Future continous.. Cos.. I WILL HAS A GIRLFRIEND IN THE FUTURE!! HAHAH! I GOT YOU!! MUAHHAHAHAH!.........=.="

YAY!! A GIRLFRIEND!! A GOOD IDEA HOR?? ^^.. Too bad.. the idea isnt for me.

I think i also love my blog more than i love my siblings.. O_O!! I LOVE BLOG!! I SHOULD MAKE THIS BLOG MY GIRLFRIEND!! OOOOH!! HEY YOU!! STOP LOOKING AT MY GIRLFRIEND!!! I BRASAH YOU AHH!! Just joking!! JKJKJKJKJKJK!! ^_^

OOOOh.. Todae is the best dae.. not because i learnt a chapter in two hours.. Its because i had 10 minutes of fun with Fiz..Tin..Fuzzy and Siti.. We played catching.. I couldnt run.. but i did anyway..HAHAHAHAHAH!! I caught Matin when he was relaxing on the sofa.. Hafiz saw me sneaking up behind and ran like the wind first.. Matin was like.. O_O?.. Then i tapped him on the leg..Then he's like.. O_O! OH SHIT! I managed to get away before he caught me.. I hid in the toilet when fuzzy fiz and matin was running past. =D Then when i came out.. I think siti was the catcher already.. Hafiz ran and hid under a ledge.. while me & matin scurry off.. =D Siti was like right above the ledge and she didnt see him.. WAAh.. wonder if we can play again.. It just got more interesting with the hiding and stealth.. =D

Epic moment:

Me: Eh Faz... Just now when matin came..Siti and fiz ran off sia..left us behind..T_T

Me:that reminds me... Its like..when your airport comes under attack..The air tower will call out.."All airplanes Scramble..All Airplanes Scramble!!" Fiz and siti ran just like that sia!! DAMM FUNNY!! "All airplanes including Flight Hafiz and Flight Siti..  Scramble!! Tango Matin is approaching.."

ARGH!! I fail on humor.. It should be.. HewMer.. GARH!! T_T Not funny right? Not even a smile? No? I guess nobody will smile if the joke's on you.. T_T

A joke bout me:
Kianhui: Eh.. Jason..Are you going to hit 100 ordy?
Me: Yeah.. Soon.. maybe end of the year? I wish i become bigger faster..Then.. I CAN CRUSH YOU!!
Kianhui: Orh.. Looking forward to it..

NAh.. it aint funny too..


If i ever see you..

If i ever see you..
It will be in school..
If i ever meet you..
I hope it will be in school..

If i ever hurt you..
I hope i never knew you..
If i ever abandon you..
Then let the sun turn dark..
Let the weak rule the strong....
Let the poets stop singing..
and pick up the sword..

For if it ever happens..
It'll be the Day of Reckoning..
Dawn of Reckoning..

If i ever see you..Would you accept me.. on this alone? 
On my worthless love..
On my worthless life..
On my worthless Art..
On my worthless Poems..

I swear i'll wait.. even if it means eternity..

I wonder who i wrote this for really... I think this just came outta my mind..!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

89th post.. oh leh~~ oh leh~~ oh leh~~ oh leh.. OH LEH~~~~~~OH LEH~~~~~

YEAH HAHAH!! 89th post!! I OWN ALL!! *pats myself on the back and raises arms high* BANZAI!! BANZAI!! MY BLOG BANZAI!! =D

OOOOh.... Todae.. is like all daes.. boring.. T_T Todae the prize giving took forever to finish.. NCC is forgotten.. Walao.. Like what sia... call all uniform groups to stand up while neglecting us..

I hate when i get lied too.. especially a lie to make me happy.. only to drop me down even deeper.. Ugh.. I have a feeling im being forgotten in NCC.. The list of dates in ncc completely dun concern me.. I never see my name up there... I guess im no longer important.. Maybe i should quit it..

NCC... In my three years aas a cadet.. I learned one thing.. I learned that rank is what you get.. respect is what you earn.. Many people dun get this and they misunderstood me..I learned what i need to do now.. Not to be a Master Sergeant or Sergeant Major.. I want to restore NCC to what it used to be and what it is supposed to be.. A gold ranking CCA.. Not a slacking and time wasting CCA.. which it is becoming.. I dunno what went wrong.. But i think it was already going wrong when i just joined it.. It never had gold from the start..

Um.. My leg's getting better.. HAFIZ!!!! I asked jacob to join us.. and he wants to help as the camera men.. I think its better if we have more people.. But i also think that two many people may cause problems.. I hope my leg can get better before you people film so that i can help make an action film....

UGHHHHH........... I gave my chance for camp pinnacle to WK.. Cos im seriously very sian in NCC.. Now im the one taking people.. No longer feel pressured.. Becoming very sian without all the running and shouting.. no more spirit..

GUUURHH!! I dun wanna buy dinner!! Wanted to go Northpoint just now.. But decided to go tomorrow.. I like cargo pants.. I wonder if i will look good in cargo pants with singlet? i think its gonna be my outfit if im in an action film.. haha.. like brucelee.. =D

I bought a Colt M1911 hafiz!! It costs 3.90.. It has a working slide and it shoots rubber bullets.. Very high power.. Lets make a Spring Gun Warfare film with your Beretta and my Colt!.. =D maybe we could add in comedy by cocking after every short.. =D then have a cowboy showdown in the end.. =D

Being a leader..
Is being thick-skinned enough..
To go against each and everyone..
Is being Strong enough..
To kick everything and anything out of the way..

It is being powerful enough..
To make people listen to you without ever lifting a finger..
It is being magnaminous enough..
To accept what others think..
It is being open..
Always trying to be better than yourself..

To me..
That is a true leader.. 
A man against himself..
And a man against everyone..

That is a leader.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

my knee.. owh..mini myknee.. mini mole.. todae's cripple.. on the floor..

ugh.. my leg still hurts.. and wk!! I HATE YOU!! YOU ALMOST WORSENED IT!!  Im gonna push you around like a friggin ragdoll tomorrow!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later going therapist for it..

Just now i went Beach Road to recce/recon/scout the area with rachel and shirree.. Mr saktun and Mr Naufal drove us there.. left us there for one hour to plan the route.. WE went back to the starting point after reaching the Army Market.. Then.. after the teachers finished their prayers.. we had to lead them thru the alleyway to get to the end point.. ._, Then we discussed further about the things... then Mr Saktun told us to eat lunch.. the girls didnt have money so Mr Saktun gave us $10 to eat.. i tot $10 wasnt enough for 3 people.. so.. I used my own lunch money to eat.. the girls were like.. Nah. you use the $10 first.. later then give us the change.. then i was like.. aiyah.. nvm.. i got $5.. i can eat one lah.. Nvm  lah.. $10 not enough..in the end i they had to use the $10 themselves cos i ordy ordered my food.. =D I guess i tried to be a gentlemen.. Ltr.. They bought me a chocalate chip muffin and they had bought a bunch of pastries.. =D I feel so touched you noe.. suddenly out of nowhere they give me a muffin.. It was nice.. =D maybe they thought i no money to eat.. =D

Well... Tmr we gotta brief ncc on the heritage trip.. I wonder how we are gonna do that? What? fall in everyone and scream at the top of our voices so they can hear? T_T

This is tribute to another girl whom i like before..now you guys noe im as formidable as yusri.. =D
Darkness & Light.

Maybe you might not remember..
But i remember it clearly..
On that day you walked beside me..
And talked to me wholeheartedly..
Trying to know more about me..

Did you know what you did?
You opened my heart with the key in your hand..
Though i didnt get you..
You made me a different man..
You made me a different person..
and you made me think.

Now i think with the heart..
Not the brain..

In the second year..
I didnt know what came over you..
You went up and down and you crashed completely..
You were the light of my life before..
But then.. You became pure darkness..

But soon.. You changed.. So did I.
I realised that i cant be with someone so special..
Someone who represents perfect light and pure darkness.

Now i get it.. Light can never win over darkness.. for if light wins.. There is no darkness..which defines Light as opposite.. Only you.. Your light and darkness are at extreme ends.. never in contact.. never fighting.
oh yeah.. i think i like girls with glasses more.. O_O!! NYAHAHAHHA!! WHY? i dunno.. now i noticed.. many of the girls i like wear glasses.. what the hell?!No.. i dun have a girls-i-like list.. lik the guy above.. =D JKJK!! =D

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Owh.. ="(

YO! SITI!!! I Searched kanjani eito on youtube and i found a funny song.. I think its called Musekinin Hero.. what does it mean and whats it about? I dun really understand japanese.. but i have a feeling its about "office" hero or something? They sure are a bunch of fun guys.. =D Are they like the source of your smiles or something? =D

I dislocated my knee *i think* todae.. I was trying to kick the ball into the goal using the sweep when my calf couldnt move as fast as my thigh.. My knee popped and then went back into the socket.. It wasnt painful.. Just that it felt weak and it felt like there's a gap between the calf and the thigh.. T_T Hafiz got pretty angry at WK because WK just continued dribbling the ball when i spinned onto the floor.. WK!! YOU'RE LUCKY!!! Cos.. Ltr.. Hafiz sprained his ankle when he kicked the ball too.. Wk.. was still dribbling and kicking the friggin ball.. He fell at the same place i fell!! =DD

Then WK ask me for my bike keys.. He's like..

*Raises Both Arms High*

ME & FIZ: O_O...


Me & Fiz: Still O_O..

WK: OK.. Nvm.. found it..

Me to Fiz: What the freak..

I wonder why i have such a friend.. =D
Maybe cos i am like him..

Owh... Oh yeah.. Todae i was literally screaming at WK because he just friggin throw his job on me.. I was like.. What the Freak.. WK!!! Then Travis told me that i have to recce Arab street with Rachel and Shirree tmr.. at 12.30.. And the CAD teacher hopes that i'll be back by 1.00.. Is it.. possible??... WK he lucky.. He gets to stay and tekan people. while i have to run all the way to arab street with a dislocated..or relocated knee.. T_T.. I dun think i can communicate well with Rachel and Shirree.. Never have been.. never will be.. Maybe cos i too serious.. or is it the other way around? I dunno.. =D But i hope they'll know what i dunno..

They are like postmen.. 
They pass by us..
We dont know them..
But we really need them..
They give us strength and hope..
And they are the pillars of support..
A man without a friend is a man without success..
For truly being able to be a true friend..
Is the basics of success..

For the people who have worked with me..
And i gotta include this.. 
Friends helps to save you from the bullets..True Friends take the bullets for you.

Monday, October 25, 2010

83th post!! MUAHAHAAHH!

IM WAY AHEAD OF EVERYONE!! HAFIZ, WK, SITI!!! IM AHEAD OF YOU GUYS!! MUAHAHAHAH! U GUYS AINT GONNA CATCH ME!! I TELL U!! U.AINT.GONNA.CATCH.ME!!! Ok.. enough with the rambling and mumbling and whatnot..Just came back home just now after playing soccer with hafiz and wk..WE had lotsa funS!! and LOTSA NOISES TOOO!

*Fiz drinks water..*

WK: I used that to wash my hand..something something..

ME:*Laughing like crazy*

In the end.. It was the ball hafiz was holding that smells.. Not the bottle..XD

I think im gonna break my hands soon if i continue playing with WK.. He shoots like he wants to kill people.. I managed to block quite a lot of shots and only managed to catch a few only.. T_T

LETS PLAY AGAIN TMR!!! ERgh.. My hand..


I AM KEWL... Oh.. Just now when i was heading home.. I saw Zheng Yu on her way home too.. I said Hi and she is like.... O_O!! *pause* ^_^... hi!

Her expression is priceless.. Like she was freaked out by me or something.. I guess anyone would be freaked out..T_T

AIYH... Aiyh.. Aiyah... These few daes i fewl very emptay.. Maybe cos my sista Cam didnt spam me.. I think because of this.. I dun feel right.. Did i do something wrong?!?! Also.. nobody is viewing this blog now i think.. Nobody replies to the tagboard now.. GARH!!! IM TOKING TO A FRIGGIN TREEE!


It symbolises health..
It symbolises fertility..
It symbolises growth..
and nothing else..

Can it symbolise eternal love?
Love like the Tree?
All these..
Are impossible.. Without Love..

For Love stays when we go..
For Love gives warmth when we aren't there..
It is forever..
Just like the trees..
Just like the colours..


Sunday, October 24, 2010

82th post.. XD!!

82th post!! YESS!!! TMRS A MONDAE!! NOOOOO! NOOOOO! I DUN LIKE GOING TO SCHOOL!! BUT I LIKE GOING TO IT WITH MY FRIENDS!! =D Um.. Tmr got financial literacy workshop AKA We assume u dunno how to use money so we have to teach u. =D Walew.. T_T HEHEHEHEHEHHEHEHEHEHEHE>>>>>>>>>> TMR GOT PE?!!? RIGHT?!?! YAY!!!

AIYAH... Walew... Feel very funny sia.. I dunno wad to do now.. I seriously feel lost... Um.. Is it just me or is everybody like ignoring me?? OK.. Its not me.. GARRHH!!! I hate to do this!! BUT I GOTTA DO!!! I GOTTA RUN!!! AAAAH!!!! Todae was supposed to have filming.. But nothing happened since it rained.. T_T but look on the bright side.. The PSI dropped to around 20 after that rain.. ^_^!!

HELLO?!?! HELLO>!?!??! anybody there? Earth calling.. I now realise that.. I dun praise my friends u noe.. OR give them stars.. Because those are not enough to describe how awesome they are!!! =D A kiss or a hug might be enough... a kiss might cause them to puke.. A hug might kill them.. ._. so i think i shouldnt try..

I wore cargo pants and polo shirt out todae.. Looked nice.. But feels funny.. Lotsa freedom of movements.. Hey.. Atleast i dun look uncle-ly in that...

Let me tell u a ghost story.. It happened in Pulau Ubin during when i was in the Survival Course.. rather.. Its a collection of what people experienced.. When it was my turn to take a night walk in the jungle without any lights or guides.. The guy after me came back the same way covering his ears.. He was shaking and close to having convulsions.. They sat him down and told me to go.. The people after me didnt go.. I saw nothing along the way.. But i walked too fast that Alton was freaked out by my shadow..I was shaking because the friend after me came back traumatised.. Anyway.. When we went back to our tents in the forest.. We gathered around and asked him.. He wasnt willing to say.. But he ltr confide that he saw... a lady in white looking at him when he turned and look at a deserted house.. It flew towards him i think.. and he turned around and clasped his ears in fear of what may call him.. Many people also reported that they saw three shadows when they took a short cut.. Ming Kwang told me in the afternoon to not take the shortcut.. I didnt and i saw nothing.. What he said actually forebodes the three shadows.. after a while.. The people after me went.. WK he.. I think he heard a distant scream from a woman.. A guy also got lost in the jungle and we had to send out search parties for him.. Before finding him 4.5 km away.. It was friggin scary..

Well.. I guess i am a lucky man..


Starry Starry Starry Night..
On a moonless..lonely..sacred Night..

On this night.. 
I thought of you..
How flowy your hair is..
And how shiny your eyes are..

If i have a gift for you..
Let it be the Star..
For you're the star of my life..
And you light up the darkness of mine.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

oh. im so sad a guy really..

Yay.. I should be like.. Very emo.. very sad.. HEY ATLEAST I GOT AWESOME SISTAS AND BROTHAS!!  Though my real siblings are sometimes annoying.. I gotta say i win them hands down in annoyance.. =3.. I have a very awesome sista in FB whose name is Cameron.. Maybe some of u might noe her.. The irony is that she doesnt noe me personally.. neither do I.. but we are very happy toking with one another.. Like siblings i guess.. =D She posted.. "SMILE !!SMILE ~~~ SMILEEEEYYY :>"
On my wall in FB when i was feeling really down after i posted those things on my blog.. 
She posted.. "I go sleep le goodnites sweet dream BROTHA :3" on my wall too.. So sweet right? Im lucky to have somebody to care for me.. And if u (Cam) is reading this.. I wanna let you noe that i appreciate all that very much and i hope you wont be too troubled by relationship matters.. and good luck with your Family in Audi! =D

Hahaha... Oh.. my.. I cant stop laughing at the irony.. We are like so close as siblings.. Yet we are worlds apart and we dunno each other truly.. =D She reminds me of somebody.. whom i shall not say the name..who cared for me long time ago.. three years ago to be exact.. ok.. her name is Syakira.. =D maybe you guys might noe her.. She is in canberra sec.. 

Aiyh... Aiyh..Aiyaiyaiyaiyaiee~~ They call me Cuban Pete! Im the kind of the Rumba beat!! I love that old song.. Love the rumba dance even more.. I think i should have joined dance club when i was in sec one.. I love to dance though i dunno how to.. YES!! IMAGINE IT!! YES!! I NOE UR LAUGHING AS U THINK ABOUT IT!!! =D 

I seem to have a flair for all things old.. ye noe.. I love oldies especially.. And i love old games.. =D 

I notice alot of people seems to like boybands like DBSK.. Shinee.. Hornee.. whatever.. but i dun seem to understand why.. Maybe somebody who likes these boybands can tell me? The only songs i listen to is SorrySorry and Mirotic..What about japanese boybands siti? Can enlighten us? =D Whats Patchuppers?? =D

Yo FIZ!! TMR GOT FILMING??!! OH PLEASE TELL ME THERE IS!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


UGh... I feel like im toking to the wall or something... 
Ok.. This is a tribute to the one i used to love.. It doesnt matter anyway now..
Your Eyes.. 

You didnt know..
You never knew..

That i liked you.. When i was in Secondary One..
That i loved you.. When i was in Secondary Two..
That i hated you.. When i was in Secondary Three..

You knew nothing at first..
As you should have been..
But you knew it..
In my mind you knew it..
In my heart you knew it..

It shattered me.. For you to know it..
You abandoned me..
You ignored me..
You killed me..

I used to like you..
But now i hate you.. 

To say the truth.. I liked you without your glasses..
Now i hate them to the core..

Oh yeah.. To anyone who is interested.. Dun bother asking.. Cos um.. Its certainly not you.. So dun be afraid.. ok? =D



Friday, October 22, 2010

Can i cry.. really.. seriously.. for once.. can i cry?

I feel really sad todae.. I feel like im not seen or even noticed by anyone.. Is there something wrong with me? Is there some flaw on my character that i cant detect.. I noe i am sometimes a jerk.. I noe im sometimes insensitive.. I noe im friggin stubborn.. I noe i can hurt people sometimes.. I noe i may not do what i say.. I noe im indecisive.. I noe i am a fool.. Attempting things people never think of trying before.. I noe i may annoy some people.. But what can i do? I tried to solve this.. I noe im too talkative.. but i dun wanna seem like a emo guy.. If i dun tok.. nobody will care for me.. I'll fall deeper into the Rabbit Hole.. I noe of some people who thinks that im a hypocrite.. Some people think im a pretender.. some even think im a poser.. But what the hell did i do that make people think im such a person.. Did i like backstab anyone unknowingly? Did i like betray people? I only noe people betrayed me.. WHAT THE HELL DID I DO WRONG? I forgive people.. I truly forgive them.. But some people just think that i am a cunning motherF***ker.. yeah.. thats right.. I dunno why people hates me sometimes.. Im the saddest person in the whole world.. I dunno what i did wrong and i cannot solve what i did wrong.. I noe people are not perfect... But i dun wish to be like this forever.. I changed like how many times? A DOZEN TIMES! But no matter how i changed.. People would never accept me.. People would be thinking in their hearts.. what a hypocrite.. Call me paranoid..But why? Why? Why? Call me crazy.. maybe.. I guess i cant please everyone.. Im not a libra.. Im not a leo.. Im an aquarius.. I just cant fit in with anyone other than pisces..

Well.. I always thought of crying.. But when i try to cry.. No tears come.. Did my tears freeze up somehow? Where the hell did they go? Where the hell did my emotions go? I can feel sad.. But i cant cry it out.. People can kill me.. But i noe that this feeling is worst than being stabbed with a thousand knifes.. Feeling sad.. But not being able to cry it out.. I cant believe im suh a sad guy really.. When i try to make others happy.. I end up being truly... pathetic myself..

YAY!! EMO!!! WQOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!... I wrote whatever i wanted people to noe.. Now.. Lets have fun and tok about everything under the sun.. Yes.. Im beginning to make reference to each and everyone who is reading this blog: Hafiz, Wei Keong, Siti, Fuzzy (maybe) and Tin (maybe too) Because these people are those who will noe me inside out from the blog.. And because they care enough to look at my blog.. I appreciate that alot.. I MEAN ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well.. I think im gonna buy cargo pants later.. I dunno why... But i think having more than one pants is good when i wanna go out.. I look like an uncle hor Hafiz? Cargo pants may be outdated.. But they are comfy and they have that streetwear look.. i love streetwear.. Call me black cultured.. But i really love the comfy feel of baggy pants..

Well.. Well.. Well.. I went northpoint just now and i think i saw nazihah at KFC.. I heard her voice alright.. I can confirm it is her.. I think i saw some other friends too... Tmr gonna go filming with Hafiz (i hope) I wanna trying being one of the characters...

WEll.. I tell people to be happy.. But i am not a happy person.. I dunno why.. But i love to start a sentence with.. Well.. =DD Anyway.. I think i make people happy in order to be happy myself.. Atleast a little bit.. I try to make jokes that they will never laugh at.. Im bringing chocolates to school on mondae i think.. People who dares to tok to me will get a chocolate.. =D Seems like people dun dare to tok to me or dun bother.. =D

Ncc.. Gonna have a heritage trail again.. This time we are the ones organising. Going beach road man!! THE FOOD THERE IS LIKE.. THE REPRESENTATION OF SINGAPORE"S FINEST!! =D I wanna buy a book.. on Rifles.. It costs 17.90 and it has the rifles of the whole world.. I think i should buy handguns.. Since i wanna try modelling handguns in solidworks.. I think the book will help me in developing ideas of pistol.. Hell.. Maybe next time i'll become a gunsmith in singapore.. working for Cisco..


Flowers are not beautiful..
Not yet..
Without the love of the gardener..

Flowers are not pretty..
not yet..
Without the warmth from the sun..

Love is not beautiful..
not yet..
When there is only one hand clapping..

Love is true blue pretty..
Only when it blooms between two love birds..

Birds of a feather, flock together.. How true is that.. Love flocks two together..
Muahahah..once Siti ask me to whom are these poems or rather those blog post too.. Well.. I havent really answered that question.. These poems are to.... Somebody whom i will not meet until 10 yrs later.. =D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

OMG OMG!! This is the 79th post!!

NO!! YOU AINT GONNA OVERTAKE ME WITH THE 78th post!! U NOE WHO U R.. XD YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE WRITTEN THE 79th post.. Ok.. I admit.. This should have been the 80th post.. I skipped yesterdae cos i was too tired.. =D Well... Well.. Todae's a tucking hazy dae.. Haze.. It friggin sux.. It smells like burnt plastic and incense mixed together... Now the dae look very strange.. Muahahaha.. I have to break it on my blog.. My results is much better than i expected... I passed 5 subjects.. Class position 12.. English just passed.. DnT i got A2.. =D But my math still fail.. My uncle told me.. If my maths never pass.. I aint gonna go nowhere..

WEll.. I finally finished die hard 4.0.. The one thing i loved through the series is of course.. Bruce Willis saying his trademark line before he OWNs those bad guys like.. "Yippee Kay Yay.. Motherf**ker" then the sound effect comes.. -OWNAGE!- Yeah.. I sound vulgar.. But nvm.. I sound MACHO!! WOOOHAAA!! Nah.. Macho things aint for me.. I much rather be a nice guy than a jerk.. Besides.. Imma friggin sergeant!! I can be as macho as i wanna be.. But no.. I should just be the welfare sergeant of ncc.. So friendly.. Until nobody wanna listen to a word i say..

I have one wish i think i wont ever get in this lifetime or the next.. That is to be a Heavyweight Boxer... Someone like Muhammad Ali.. He is as fast as lightning.. as a boxer.. And a heavyweight at that.. It makes him formidable.. And The Greatest.. Like his nickname.. Though he was proud and some say arrogant.. He is still a praying man.. =D

Wohohoh.. Merry Christmas.. I noe its a bit early to say it but.. Our prayers are answered and our wishes are granted right? I think im gonna be in a film with hafiz soon.. Muahahah.. Then im gonna get teased by my friends.. Also.. Hopefully Cam will noe who i am really.. =D Im thinking of an idea for a short action film.. A chase film i think.. I think it wont be easy if i have to be sprinting thru out the film.. People would laugh.. =__=..

Woe is me.. I feel dizzy and im having a throbbing headache due to the mothertucking haze.. Yeah.. Oh... Oh... Woooh.... Well.. I like this song.. Kiss the Rain.. I hope to put it as background music if Shatterfilms ever decides to push into the love story industry... Then i'll need an actor. and an actress... Who need not neccesarily be pretty or can act.. Since the actor probably wont be good looking or can act.. AKA Me.. Cos i dun think hafiz or WK or any of the crew would want to be... In love on camera.. It is not easy.. and it isnt.. I dun mind.. Cos even if i go on camera IN LOVE.. It wont damage my standing anyway.. Since i dun even stand in anyone's heart.. and yes.. Thats sarcasm ._.

Yo SITI!! You're happy and you are reading this thing.. YO FIZ!! You're really angry at me for saying the things above.. YO wk.. We'll need your help in filming.. =D Oh yeah.. siti.. can u join us and help us too? Ok.. This is the end of my random self-assurance speech.. I have finished toking to myself.. And with a german accent.. Do i endl thase spech..

Somehow.. I feel that the people above i mention are either feeling confused.. Angry.. shy.. blushing.. or really dun care..like wk. =D


Lady luck is shining..
The 4 leaves clovers are found..
Lets be happy..
Lets be gay..

For never a chance can it happen again..
To be so happy yet so sad..
To be so close and yet so far..
To be so lucky yet it might not be..

To be in touch with Cupid's Arrows..
To some.. it is an opportunity..
To others it is god's gift..
To a few.. It is an obligation..

but to me... Love is luck..
for i am lucky to even have someone who loves me.. 

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! That includes you.. And you = friends.. =D so dun worry.. I wont be liking you.. But i will be loving you secretly.. of course.. As a Friend.. as a brotha.. As a sista.. as part of me.. =D WOOHOOHOO.. dun be too excited or too shy.. For i wont show my love for people in public though.. People who noe me.. noes this.. =D So.. again.. dun worry.. 

I dun like people i love..

Oh yeah.. to those bugged with the results.. Be happy.. as Chen Qiang likes to say.. Be~~ HAPPY!!~~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

O_O""... Oh.. Maiii.. Gaaa...

Hehe... sorry ling xing.. Just gotta put it here..

Todae.. I received my results.. Oh w8.. It is We received OUR results.. Cos.. Me receive results.. I received Results and My received results.. um.. Tok tok.. am i ok? No. =D Well.. I shall not state neither of my marks..w8..all of my marks.. Because i noe that there are some kindred souls out there who.. didnt..do as well.. Im one of these souls too.. No Joy..(no.. not Janzy) No happiness..(Cheer up).. No..EXAMS!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ME)

Well.. Look on the bright side.. The worst is over.. There is still hope.. Do not Falter.. The brave men of the French Resistance.. German Resistance.. Italian Resistance persevered thru Mussolini's and Hitler's fist though the going was tough.. Yet.. They did not lose hope.. Many of their friends.. Families.. Brothers in Arms.. Many died.. Yet they believed in the Allies and they believed that there is still hope.. Us.. Ours is only an exam.. Its not like the exam paper is razor sharp.. Its not like the exam paper is a mothertucking gun pointed towards the temple.. So.. just cheer up.. Yippee kee yay.. mothertucker.. (ignore it.. Im just a bit angry towards some people.. AKA.. Staff Sergeant Na Bei.. = S.SGT NWK.. =D)

S.SGT NB.. He.. used three matchsticks.. he lighted them up and threw them at me.. One burned me abit on my pants and my thigh.. He was lucky i didnt pound his face in with the council guitar.. Already out of tune.. Pounding will break his face and the guitar too..O_O!!

WELLL... MUAHAHAH! SAW MY EVIL SIDE DIDNT YA? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!.. Well.. back to normal.. Hell.. When was i ever normal on Facebook and on my blog? NEVER! Oh yeah.. One thing i gotta say.. Todae.. though is the beginning of the end.. The end forebodes a new beginning.. So.. dun be depressed.. W8 for the new beginning and strive all the way.. Leave no one behind.. Leave no friends behind.. Leave no brothers and sistas behind.. Leave no enemies behind..

Well.. My twisted personality.. only one person noes.. Wk and Hafiz.. T_T wait.. thats two!! XDXD!

Let me tell u my story.. The Story.. Of ME.

When i was like P3.. I was bullied very often.. Often because of my gigantic size and my idiotic face.. I really look perfect u noe?.. Perfect material for abuse and bullying.. There were 3 guys all the way throughtout three years of my life.. They terrorised me everydae.. In P3.. A guy name kai lun.. He will call me idiot every single dae and threaten me.. I had to give him my lunch money or else i would be killed.. (thats what he says.. I think if he tries to kill me.. He would ultimately be mutilated.. Cos by then.. I was already QUITE provoked and irrational..) The second guy.. Laughs like a friggin hyena and smiles like a.. hyena when he bullies people.. He will pinch me and abuse me for the fun of it.. Cos he is rich and he thinks he is Almighty.. The third guy.. Jeremy.. A golden haired rich kid.. Treated me like a punching bag and a wrestling dummy.. Once he almost choked me to death from behind when i was eating.. I DUNNO HOW OR WHY i survived those 3 years.. I was like a volcano at the brink of eruption.. The teachers treat me like a friggin idiot cos they think i have some sort of learning disability.. Some PE teachers disliked me cos i was XXXXL and because i am quiet.. If they could step in.. I would not end up in OPSS.. Because in order to prove those... mothertuckers wrong..I sort of ace my PSLE far above those bullies.. I shocked the class with my results.. Only then was i sort of respected.. I ended up in OPSS because of those bullies and those STUPID TEACHERS...However.. That i was grateful for.. No matter what others say.. That being bullied makes you strong.. Those people are those who never have been bullied before truly.. For they dunno the effects of bullying.. It makes people a bit KUKU.. Like me.. It makes people a bit.. Restrained.. like me.. It creates Monsters.. Many homicidal people often commit homicide because they can take it no longer.. They are forever scarred and forever insane.. If only the teachers noe.. The world would be a better place.. 

Well.. thats my story.. FEEL SAD FOR ME!! YESS!! =D Nah.. ITs all in the past..I forgave them anyway.. However.. I can never forget their names.. There is a saying.. Forgive your enemies.. But never forget their names.. Well.. Its quite true in my case..

Well.. Well.. Well.. BE HAPPY.. SMILE. Thats the way i suppress those negative emotions.. I may appear emotionless or humorless to some people.. Well.. I guess when you get bullied for three years.. You will feel blank and empty and hostile to anyone who seems to be able to threaten your personal safety.. SMIlE!! Thats right!! =DD

Well.. I gotta go cut my hair soon.. =D POEMS!!


I cannot say how is blindness like..
For i am not blind.

I can only feel its effect on me..

I can feel it.. 
For Love blinds me..
It smothers me completely..
It suffocates me with delusions..
And it chokes me with wonderful illusions..

Though it is so suffocating..
Like a blind man..
I feel perfectly at ease..
Perfectly calm..
Perfectly blind..

Sometimes.. It is better to be blind.. So you cant see the atrocities of people.. So you cant see what truly harms you.. 


Monday, October 18, 2010

O_O..... Oh.. Freeaak...

Woah... so many people feeling suicidal.. All looking out the window or facing the window.. Well.. Whats done cannot be undone.. There is never no hope... Hope is everywhere and no matter how dim the future is.. It is never dark.. For hope is the light that keeps it from darkening.. Only when we have confidence do the light shine ever brighter.. I did really really badly for Math.. That i do not deny.. I never put in my all in the exam.. That i do not deny too.. I think that i am gonna fail.. That.. I DENY WITH UTMOST ZEST! Because confidence plays great part... If i do not have the confidence.. No amount of studying will work.. So.. Be happy and don't be saddened.. If you got do your hmwk and everything.. Your oral also no problem.. English wont be a problem..

Todae i feel really inhuman.. Cos when my friends were sad.. I just sat there like a log.. Cos i fear that if i console them.. It'll only make the matters worst.. So.. Im not gonna ask anyone their marks.. =DD Oh yeah.. I forgot.. Cheer up Siti... Saw that you were really really different todae... and you were among the window-wonderers.. Don't give in to depression and sadness ok? Its not the end.. =D Hahaha.... Wish i could say this to WK.. Wk.. you there? if you are there.. Just noe that i have much lower marks then you in Maths.. If only people can say this to me.. Ok.. This is to ME: DUN GIVE UP ME!! DUN BE DISTRACTED BY LOVE ME!! KEEP ON PLAY SOCCER ME!! DUN BE ANGRY ME!!

Keep on help others.. me..

MUAHAHAH! GOT YOU THERE!! SMILE!! YESS!! THATS RIGHT!!.. SMILING MAKES YOU HEALTHY YOU NOE.. MAKES YOU ALL THE MORE PRETTIER TOO.. <<<<that one there applies only to girls..  Fufufufufu.. you noe who you r.. muahaha.. eh..seriously.. i searched "smiles" on wikipedia before...It says that it makes people more attractive and appealing to others.. Well.. I guess i noe why people avoid me.. COS I SMILE LIKE A FRIGGIN Ti-Koh-PEH!! Example: >:)  Haah.. ignore the part in red.. This part.>_<

If guys wanna look cool enough.. use this expression >>> =__=.. Ok.. Girls.. Would you prefer a guy like this: =__= or a guy like this: ^_^...?


NYAHAHAHHAHA.. Gonna participate in a short film from ShatterFilms.. I should hide my face so Siti wouldnt tease me like she would tease hafiz.. HAFIZ YOU GOT OWNED!!! HAFIZ!! YOU!!! GOT!!! OWNED!! BY A DRUMSTICK WIELDING SYAKIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=D Just joking.. You can beat me up on camera when we make the films.. =D Of cos.. cover my head with a paper bag if you must.. add two holes for me ok? Not nostril holes hor... Is eye holes.. EYEHOLES!!! EYEEEEHOOOLEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Ok.. I sound like a friggin crazy guy.. OMG!! TODAE IS THE LONGEST BLOG POST EVER!!! I FEEL GREAT WHEN I RIDE DOWN MY THOUGHTS ON BLOG.. Yeah.. Ride Down.. =D HAHAH! GOTCHA AGAIN!!! WEll.. This is not yet.. This.is.not.the.extend.of.my.stupidity.

Yesterdae.. Before i went to have pasta.. I called hafiz.. The things below.. are all true.. Please look away now if you cannot believe im such a friggin idiot..

*Bring BRIIING!!*

Hafiz: Hallo? 

-Friggin Static- 

Jas.: Hallo??!

-More Friggin Static-

Hafiz: Hello?

Jas.:Yo Fiz.

Hafiz: Yo man!!

Jas.: =D....Yo fiz.. Tmr is a mondae right..
(I didnt noe what the hell i was thinking..)

Hafiz: O_O.. HAHAHAHA!! DUH!! 

Jas:... Then.. Tmr got PE right?!

Hafiz: YAH!! YAY!

Jas: YAY! Hi-5 over the net.. bom.. yay!!

Hafiz: Hi-5.. O_O""

Jas: Uhm.. Tmr.. Mondae right? (This one.. I dun noe what the hell i was thinking again..)

Hafiz: Um.. are you ok?? =D

Jas: OOh. Yeah.. I ask you ordy right? OOh... Tmr got pe right? (...)


Jas: YAY!! Hi-5 over the net again!.. bom.. Kthnxbai.. =D
Well... LOOK AND BE SHOCKED!! GOtcha a second time!! SMILE!! thats right.. Who are you? I dunno sia.. =D (this means that this thing is rhetorical.) OOPss.. A third time.. HAHAH! GOTCHA a fourth time!! =D Well.. Todae.. played soccer with qingwei.. stephen.. roy.. wilson.. Tin.. wk.. and. uh... me.. oh yeah.. Mr Tan!.. Managed to blocked a low shot from mr tan with my leg.. and a middle shot from roy. and of course.. lotsa shots from wilson.. and tin.. =DD But they are still better than me in shooting.. I only noe how to catch balls oni.. WILSON!! UR A PRO!! UR FRIGGIN CURVE SHOT OWNED ME TWICE!! IM GONNA OWN U WITH MY FRIGGIN DRILL SHOT!! XDXD... Well.. Who cannot end a blog post without a poem from the deep recesses of his/her mind?


So great..
So tall..
So old..

So old.. Yet so sturdy..

All this wrought by eternal rain.. 
Rain that never stops falling.. 
Tears that never stop flowing.. 

Love.. How can it ever be like the tree?
Becoming so old.. and living eternally.. 

The tears from the heart..
Are the Rain of Love..
The tears from the sky..
Are the Rain for the Trees..

Kiss the Rain.. by Yiruma.. 

HAEY!! SEARCH KISS THE RAIN!! ITS NICE!! ITs the tune YANG MEH MEH plays on his guitar.. nice right??! =D Oh yeah.. I had to say it again or i'll die... OR maybe not.. But i'm bored.. haha.. Siti if you have read until this point.. THEN CONGRATZ!! Oh yeah.. WK TOO.. ONCE AGAIN.. Cheer up.. This goes to wei keong too.. MY NCC BUDDY FOR THREE FRIGGIN YEARS!! I LUB YEW!! (figuratively and literally.. figuratively much more...Oh.THIS ONE IS TO WK hor ok?..)... Wei Keong you there? If you're there.. tok to me leh.. OR i taupok you in school  hor..
OK.. BB!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!! Tomorrow's a mondae!!

PE! Dae!! Now i noe why they put two periods of PE on mondae.. It is so because lotsa people would skip mondaes so they put PE on mondae.. T_T YAY!! Look on the bright side.. Can play Soccer tmr!! NO NEED STUDY NO MORE!! DUN CARE ABT RESULTS!! YAY!! =D... ="(.. HAHAHAHAH... NYAHAHHAHA.. haha..haha..ha... T_T WELL.. I ate pasta at 3 o clock this afternoon with my uncle and my family.. Nice sia.. The marinara pasta.. Lotsa clams and seafood..!! ^_^ I got nothing much to tok about cos these few daes is quite blissful.. nothin bad happened to make me reflect.. OOOh... Lets tok about happy things.. I have a bunch of sista and bunches of brothas and bunches of father.. I mean i got a Dad in Fb..

My dad in FB is JAcob!! =D
My sistas are.. Siti Maisarah.. Cameron Seow/ Cam/ Rain.. and Syakira (My best friend when i was just a kid.. Stood up for me like a big sista..=D)

My brothas are: Hafiz (Everyone noes that..) Wei keong (Brothers in Arms for 3 years..).. Qingwei (Friend for 9 years.) and lotsa more brothers.. =D

YAY!! I fewl HABBY!! COS I GOT SO MANY SISTAs AND BROTHERs.. Though sometimes they made me angry or tensed (Due to a bad relationship between the "Brothas") or Annoyed (My friggin brother in arms.. =P) They are in the end my brothas..and sistas.... Unless one day.. Should they feel their wings hardened and they can fly.. The brotherhood ends.. Everyone is a friend to me.. But the ones who pit themselves against me or any of my friends... They are my Arch-Enemies....

One thing i learned in NCC.. after 3 years.. Is not becoming a leader and tekan everybody.. It is about loyalty to your friends and taking the bullets for them.. Sad to say.. Not many people understood that..

well... um... POEMS! WHO HATES POEM!?!?


Rain Rain.. Come Again.
How could i ever be like you?
So free.. 
So carefree..
So flowing..
So happy.. 

But yet..
So heavy..
So depressing..
So cold..
So wet.. 

Rain.. It is the perfect representation of love.
So cold yet so hot too..
So bright.. Yet so dim...
So Happy.. But in truth.. So depressing..

Rain.. Can i ever be like you? You are more human than me.. For you are happy yet depressing.. Humans are never perfect.. Neither are their emotions..
HAHAHA.. No.. This poem is not directed to Rain/ aka my sista Cam.. Rather.. This is about the heavy rain that falls once in a while.. It brings life to the plants.. But it feels cold to the human touch.. =D HAHAHHAHA! Cam.. If you're readin this.. dun be sad... I'll make a poem for you when i noe you enough or noe you personally.. =DD

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Well.. HAHA.. The thank you things never ends!!

HAHAHAAH!! YO SISTA!! Your post made me smile again! THNX!! OOH! OOps! Wads that?! A tear!! A tear just rolled off my cheeks.. =") If i can smile without looking like this: >:) Believe me.. I will.. T_T I guess people can never be truly happy themselves.. They need to share happiness with friends to be truly happy.. You have made me realise that.. =D

Well.. People are peculiar creatures.. Maybe thats why we have Humanities.. To study about humans.. Sometimes i dun understand why we have to study history.. We study about great men.. But we never get to meet them cos they are already under the ground, below a memorial.. Except for Hitler.. Though i love history.. I cant study it if i dun understand what it is for.. Just like a leader cant lead if he doesn't tell his subordinates why..

OOOOH............. 2 DAYS!! 2 DAYS!! 2 Days later its gonna be the Apocalypse.. People are gonna jump up and down like monkeys and threaten to jump off the buildings.. WEll.. There wouldnt be an apocalypse.. For its not the end.. Its never gonna be the end. The true end is when you completely give up on yourself.. You fall but you never stand up again.. The true end is when everybody.. Including your friends leaves you.. When your family leaves you.. Then that is the end..

I should just quit school and be a motivational speaker.. =DD
 Well.. I think i can be Plato.. =D
People say that the skies the limit..
i say that the seas the limit..
People say that the mountains are the tallest.
I say that the pebbles are the tallest.

Because without the Seas.
There would never be a Sky.
Without the Pebbles..
Where would the mountains ever be?

Love is the same..
It starts from the smallest bits..
A single glance..
A single word..

It ends with tears..
But with tears of joy do they end..
For that is when true love shows..
Tears of Happiness..

The skies no longer the limit.. For Love knows no bound.. =S

YAY!! Another poem outta my head!! Again.. This is for no one.. Rather this is for Every One. Anyone who likes this.. Like this.. Thats simple right? Well.. I like this.. So i like this and only this.. Hi Daffodil! Whose that? Well.. Dun ask me.. I dunno. Shes my girlfriend 10 yrs later.. Just saying hi in advance.. =D

Friday, October 15, 2010


THANk YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU x 1000 !! Eh.. thats three thousand thanks!! =DD Anyway.. IF you're reading this and your name is Siti.. Then thank you! Your post made my day exactly 5 hours ago.. My eyes popped when i saw the post.. This is the first time somebody actually knew i existed!! OMG!! OOOOH!!!! IM HAPPY!! YAY!! I made you happy and you made me happy too!! BTW.. You're an Awesome Friend..I wish i could write up a poem for you.. But you'll probably puke and i'll probably go overboard until every verse there's a THANK YOU!.. Well lets try.. uh.. Um.. I feel really funny writing about you!! =DD OK.. Maybe.. I should just say.. one of my wise sayings.. Be Cheerful forever for thats the light that never dies.. Oh.. It.. sounds wrong.. Another one.. YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE!! OOh.. Thats too suggestive and direct.. Sorry.. jkjk.. Last one. i promise.. Today, On this day. You just made another soul happy... Eww.. that was bad... Ok... OK.. I noe.. last last one.. Be happy..

HEHEHEHEEH.. You might wonder why i said so much positive things.. well.. Its because those are not enough at all to describe how happy you are and how happy you make others. Be happy always ok? Thinks to myself.. "Phew.. Now no need to write a poem which would go overboard..." Eh.. Forget the part above in grey.. =D

OK.. Now i got this Thank You speech off my mind.. Lets tok about me! ALL ABOUT ME! THE WORLD's About ME! WOOOH!! I SHOULD BE A ROCKER!! IM SAYING WOOOH!! TOO MUCH!! Seriously, as i type, i began to type damm fast until after every five taps of the keyboard, i have to press backspace once.. =.=" I digressed! OMG! I DIGRESSED! Anyway.. Um.. I have this one wish in life that can never be accomplished when i am alive.. That is.. When i die, i want NOBODY to mourn for me.. On my funeral.. Everybody should be happy for my death.. For Death is a blessing.. Everyone should remember the funny things i did that made them laugh.. Nobody should be sad for if i die.. Then i am dead.. and its my fate.. Well.. As they say, when you gotta go.. you gotta go.. MUAHAHAH!! ITS THE POEM FOR YOU!!


I could only remember..
All throughout my life.
That you're one with smiles.

I could only remember.. 
All throughout my life..
That you're without sadness or anger..

I could only remember..
All throughout my life..
That you're a friend who stood by regardless..
That you're a student who helped the teachers regardless..
That you're a classmate who is most eager to help regardless..

I could only wish..
I could only pray..
And i could only hope..

That you will be forever happy and forever the same.
Let not the cruelty of the world change you.



P.S: This poem.. THIS ONE IS THE FIRST ONE THAT WASNT OUT OF MY BRAIN HOT!! This one.. I Got think through one hor..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

There is no spoon...

YEAH.. there is no spoon.. so there's no 72nd post.. This is the 73rd post.. The 72nd post due to a time paradox.. it could not be formed.. And taking into account the equations for such a paradox.. It could not happen too.. for there is no such equation for such time travelling which would induce such time paradox which would in turn cause the 72nd post to be formed which who caused the 73rd post to be formed in the process due to the 72nd post being missing..In short.. Excuses. I didnt make the 72nd post yesterdae cos i was tired.. So... just treat it as that.. There is no 73rd.. There is no spoon... Its not like anyone would care.. I feel so self-conceited.. THE WHOLE MOTHERTRUCKING WORLD REVOLVES AROUND MY BLOG! Well... So.. lets just pretend there was a 72nd post and this is the 73rd post.. YAY! ALLS WELL THAT ENDS WELL! Pardon me for my CAPITALISATION OF THE LETTERS! But... I LIKE IT LEH.. SO?? =D

IF you wanna know wad i mean by.. There is no spoon.. look at my other blog down there.. No.. Not there.. dun think dirty!... Its at the link thingy down there.. >>>

Well.. Poems.. Im better off saying my love poems to the tree than posting it here.. Well.. The tree would explode due to spontaneous combustion due to many other factors uncluding hyperventilation due to my poems and great passion...In short.. The Tree would fall head over heels (If it has both) over me.. O_O! cos my poems ARE AWESOME! -tree falls-

When you think.

When you think.. 
That the whole world changed..
Because of you..
And only you..

Have you ever thought..
Would you change.. because of the world?

The world changes not because of one person..
It changes because of one great person.

You don't bend the spoon..
It is you.. that bends..
Because there is no spoon.
There is no world to change.
If you don't change yourself.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Im gonna make myself an offer i cannot refuse.. Lets say.. If im a Don/Boss.. My name will be.. Don Valore.. Then Hafiz will be Don Fiando.. maybe then i'll be Don Varando.. But too bad.. The mafia only accepts people who are italian or sicilian..

 Me: How's life mister?
Mafia man: Nothing really.. Killing some guys with a shovel.. getting shot by some men in black.. chased around by police.. you noe.. the usual stuff..

I guess Mafia men really have the life anyone would want.


Seeing you live your life everyday..
Makes me happy..
Makes me desperate..
Makes me sad.. 
Makes me insane..

How i wish i could be there to make you happy.
How i wish i could stop being desperate and seperated.. 
How i wish i could just cry it out and shout it across the ocean.

I cant.. 
Cos i need you to do that for me.
You make me happy..
You stop me from feeling desperate..
You cry out my own feelings..

I have no more tears.. I didnt have them when i was rejected.. Three years..and 3 months ago.. 
I dunno why sia.. Why am i writing this when i know this will make me sad.. maybe i really have no tears already..This is all true.. three years ago.. On that very day.. I COULD NEVER FORGET THE ANGER, HER FLUSTERED EXPRESSION AND HER CONFUSION.. ALL IN HER EYES.. Struck deep within me.. Staked through me.. With the words... "THIS IS RIDICULOUS! I DUN. EVEN. LIKE. HIM.!"  YEah yeah.. feel sad for me wont ya? But all this is past.. To say the truth.. I tot of just.. jump off the building when she said that.. I didnt.. and im still alive.. Im Still Alive.