"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet."

Monday, November 29, 2010

Once upon a time... There was the Royal Malay Regiment.

If you ask a American boy who is his hero. He might say it is Superman. If you ask a Briton boy who is his hero. He might say it is Tom Cruise or Nicholas Cage. If you ask a Chinese Boy who is his hero. He might say it is Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan. But if you ask me. I will say it is Leftenan Adnan & the Royal Malay Regiment.

Why? Because they stood their ground on Bukit Chandu when the Japanese came invading. They stood their ground though they're were from Malaya. They stood their ground and died fighting for the country that wasn't even theirs. They died for Singapore. Those are my heroes and what i want to be. I don't want to be Superman or Tom Cruise or any powerful martial artist. I want to be a Human who will never say die. They held it though they were abandoned. Leftenan Adnan encouraged them to fight on and they did. They died but in glory and valour. Thats why my name is Jason Yong Valore. Valore for Valour.

They possess greater gifts than many celebrities. They possessed the gifts of Bravery.

Yeah.. Thats how much im infatuated with the legends of the Malay Regiment. I say legend not because it was not true. I say Legend because they did something nobody else will do. They did something which will crumble a grown man to dust.

Hafiz.. If we ever get a budget to make an Action Film from NYP. Lets make a film of the Battle Of Bukit Chandu.

Anyway.. LETS SHOW YOU MY PICTUAS!! OF MYSELF HOLDING MY GUN!! DUN THINK DIRTY!! I held my gun to show the scale of the gun. It is a gigantic sniper even for me.

Dun mind the second picture, i just thought it looked cool.. Thanks to my DEARIE BROTHER!! =D
I like this gun!! This gun is awesome!! Im just gonna paint it urban camo and it will be even moar awesAM! =D


Since that day.
Since that hour.
Since that minute.
Since that fraction of a second.

When you talked to me when no others would..
When you cared about me when nobody would..
When you told me to be strong..

I fell into a deep ravine..
I was consumed by love..
I was consumed by you..

But since that day you told me to leave..
It hurt me so so much..
So much that my heart bleeds..
So much that even today it is bleeding..
So much that i lost myself..

But don't blame yourself..
Blame me.
Blame me O silly me..
Blame the idiot who sought love.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

I bought the last remaining M6 sniper rifle!!

It was the last one.. and im damn lucky.. after tomorrow tuition.. Im probably gonna buy white paint and some cable clips.. Cable clips to make the plastic slide lock like wad wk suggested.. and the white paint as pat of the Arctic/Urban camoflage.. like this:
I really like the sniper rifle.. I think i'll really appreciate it if someone could just buy a scope for me on my birthday from black-tactical.. I guess nobody will give it to me.. T_T nonody loves me!! T_T

Im pretty sure i can do something..

Agh.. Tmr got math tuition.. Somehow i feel jittery though my work already finished.. I guess this is the feeling all of us get even when we done our homework.. Always knowing that something is just not right.. =D

V is for victory.. 

V, an alphabet you'll almost never see.
Yet it symbolises the greatest, strongest things..
It is for Victory in War.
It is for Valour against all odds..
And it is for Vigilance in Peace.

It is also for the Vendetta in Vengeance.
V should be used for the greater good.
Not for our personal Vendetta from our Eternal vengeance

Friday, November 26, 2010

Im gonna paint my m6 sniper rifle arctic camo/urban camo.

I like my rifle! Before i sleep i play with my gun.. My gun is fun.. don't think dirty!! i play with my M6 sniper rifle lar! =D Im gonna post a picture of it soon.. This gun i bought from black-tactical currently undergoing brainstorming on how to make the bolt-action work, how to make a magazine and how to make it look friggin awesome.. Like you! Like me! Like you too...Yeah.. I noe.. My awesomness probably put you in complete stupification cos of my awesomest splendour.. so much that you're now speechless right? *winks* =D JKJK!! I wont eclipse your awesomness Matin!

I really cant imagine myself with so much ego that i cant handle.. I'll probably break down on the floor and start irritating everyone.. these few dae's is quite boring.. on FB i drew alot of graffiti's to my sista cameron.. not much talk..On this blog literally everyone stopped posting.. so much that i have no one to make fun of or communicate with..

Also, These few days we didnt have filming.. What a boring week.. Tomorrow going for a tuition.. the end of a series of speeches.. The teacher is really great.. She is somewhat like Ms Xu.. but of course not as awesome as her right? Why am i always using awesome to describe everyone? OH! YOU'RE AWESOME HAFIZ!! YOU'RE AWESOME EVERYONE!! YOU'RE AWESOME ANYONE!! YOU'RE AWESOME WK! You're AWESOME SITI!!... maybe cos you guys are everything to me?.. too bad you guys just disappeared off the surface of earth.. No replies.. Earth calling.. Earth Calling!!


Heartly ever..

You broke my heart..
With a piece of broken shard..
A broken shard of glass..
though it is as flimsy as grass..

Though you broke my heart..
It is heartly enough to stop me..
Heartly enough to kill me..
Heartly ever enough to shatter me..




Thursday, November 25, 2010


I GOT THE GUN!! YES!! Im really happy for getting this gun.. this gun is 1.09 m long and its awesome! Its a pure sniper rifle! Im thinking of painting it with an Urban Camo scheme.. And i think im gonna modify the gun to be bolt-action..Probably adding in a magazine too.. =D

I made myself a scope from the binoculars.. seems like only i am interested in this hobby.. Nobody cares.. Do they? I guess there are limits when it comes to modifying guns.. And my limit is resources.. If anybody can fund e properly, there is no job too big and no job too hard..


Fall comes after summer.
A season of passion and love.
Leaves fall..
They change colours like a heart does.

How i wish summer would last.
so that fall would never ever come.. 


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I think im gonna buy the gun tomorrow!!

I feel really tired todae, so i'm not gonna say much. Playing blackshot with my friends was fun with skype on.. But them screaming vuilgarities isn't.. My mum was in the room all dae and she hears everything.. And she's telling me to tell them not to say vulgarities.. as if they will listen. She doesn't understand the world of kids that we will grow out of, she doesn't understand the world where vulgarities are used in jest and deathly silence in pure anger. Thats why i was silent during the game.. I am death when i am silent. I'll post the picture of my uncompleted gun.

The second picture is with the functions working, the magazine and the slide lock, currently ejection port not cut open yet..

Forget it.

 Forget it, you don't understand.
No matter how many poems i write,
you don't understand why.

These are all for you.
These are all for you on the day when i tell you.
These are all for you on the day we leave each other.
These are all for you on the day we're fated to meet.

These are all for you. 
Since that day,
and what you said.

The promise. I haven't break it. Yet.

So.. forget about it. Time will tell whether i'll come out victorious, or whether i come out to hang my head.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Im close to reaching my target of $30..

Im gonna buy that M6 on the dae when my brother got time.. 2 daes later? Hopefully on thursdae..Then i can broaden my spectrum of guns.. no longer confined to Pistols... Im certain i have this "fetish" with pistols and sniper rifles.. Maybe since a good set of pistol and rifle is best for a Sniper? I dunno.. I just like how cool and composed these snipers are.. and they seem to have the highest kill count of any single infantry.. There was once a sniper in Finland.. His name was Simo Hayha.. He was nicknamed the White Death by the Red Army.. The Soviet Army. He was borne in 1905.. and he died in 2002. He killed over 500 people using iron sights in the cold and harsh environment.. He would have been the world's best sniper.. especially when he did not used any scope..

"What do you first felt when you shoot someone?"
"The recoil of the gun."

I like guns.. I like them so much i wished i wasn't born in Singapore.. but seeing what they do.. I wish they weren't Wars between people.. I want to design a gun.. A gun that is not meant to kill.. A gun that is meant to protect. This is supposed to be the true purpose of firearms, To protect, to defend, To save lives, not endanger them.

I personally think that it is not the sniper rifle that makes a man a sniper, it is the sniper that makes a gun a sniper rifle, like in the case of Simo Hayha, he didnt need scopes. He made a bolt-action rifle into a Sniper rifle cos he is a real sniper.

Maybe someday. (this is to my friend Cameron.=D)

Maybe someday,
We will meet.
Maybe someday,
We will know each other.

Hopefully someday,
We will know who we truly are.
But before that day,
I hope we will never meet.

For you wouldnt like my face or appearance..
You like what i say and what i do.

Lets just talk,
Shall we? 


I made this poem for her cos when other friends dun care abt me, she does, though she does not know me personally, i feel she also had many life experiences like mine. Though she confessed that she is radically different in real life.. I am too.. This made me bond with her.. Im happy that somebody is like me.. But of course i hope the person i knew on the internet is the same person i will meet.. =D Thanks for being there for me when the going got tough.. =D

Monday, November 22, 2010


Now i noe what to give to a certain person on her birthdae.. no, not you, dun think abt it.. This person i appreciate dearly.. so not you..JKJK!! I appreciate you, whoever you are, my readers. I just watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows... Its like a friggin screamer movie.. I shall not say more.. Im not the spoiler type.. Im the spoiler of the car.. oh, you dun get it do you? Nevermind, nobody gets me at all..

HEY GUYS! LOOK WHAT I DID! LOOK AT THIS!! I modified this gun model into having a slide lock, removable magazine but sadly no magazine release, and i haven't cut out the ejection port..i did sand down the toy logo though.. i also engraved some marks on the gun to make some parts stand out.. This gun may sell for around $50 - $60 is i make it commercial.. but i dun think it is gonna happen since i dun have contacts in Black-tactical and that i need it for filmmaking.. Right at this moment.. my brother destroyed the slide lock... by pulling the trigger when it is still in place..the slide flew forward and destroyed the slide lock utterly.. now im fixing it back.. so no photos until i cut out the ejection port which i will do todae midnight.. until 3 am..

Im sometimes really tired and spent after something bad happens.. maybe im actually a perfectionist but i just don't know? I somehow hates people who are bo chap.. dunno why sia.. I feel so robotic and so purpose-driven.. i cannot stop being kan chiong and cannot try to not care abt anything.. The good thing i wish god hasn't given to me is my BIG GREAT AWESOME Sense of responsibility.. I hate it.. It makes me feel guilty when i don't do my duty.. It makes me at a superb disadvantage against bo chap people.. and it generally make me hate myself and hate them.. throwing everything at me cos im deemed "reliable"..

Forgive me.

Forgive me when i say i hate you..
Forgive me when i lie to you.
Forgive me when i say i love you..

Because i cannot love you for after i die..
But i'll love you for all eternity..

Even after the oldest tree withers..
Even after the icebergs melts..
Even after Judgement Day..

I know that my Love will keep you alive..
In My Heart..


I heart you. Who are you?? You're a medic!! You heart me by shocking me with your "electricity" you noe? *winks**winks*.. Arh.. You dun get it.. again..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

i forgot to post again..

Muhahah.. I got nothing to tok abt.. OH yeah.. lets rant about the people on the mrt trains!! There are SOME people who cling to the handle bars for dear life... They dominate the bars like they are pole-dancers... they literally stick their body onto the bar.. i was forced to stand like im drunk.. rocking about and almost falling over..

I forgot to say.. I think i am very happy with myself, not because something good happen.. because i have so many great friends... to name a few.. hafiz, matin, kok hean, fuzzy, wk, siti, cameron.. They're always there for me though i dunno most of them well.. except for hafiz and wk.. They still mean alot to me and i wish to say that since you guys are there for me all the time, lean on me when you cry and beat me if you're angry.. but listen to me if you want some consolation, and i'll listen to you if you ever need me to.

If i tell you im a smoker, i fight, i like to pia jui, and i lie, which one would you believe? 


If i say im flying..
Would you believe in me?
If i say im gonna fly soon..
Would you stop me?

I can only say this, i wont fly no matter what..
Cos you are the one who made me fly.


Friday, November 19, 2010



Oh.. Todae hafiz went early cos of fridae prayers and im left alone to do the blog and various things.. T_T Maybe playing blackshot again later? Im listening to invaders must die on a daily basis..  I hate it when im doing homework at night and something flies past me.. Im even terrified of moths!! T_T

Im sooo gonna buy an M6 sniper rifle and modify it to have scope, bolt carrier group, Moving bolt, Removable magazine, modular barrel (means can change length) silencer for barrel.. And overall able to be disassembled.. Its gonna be real hard, Its gonna cost over $50 but it is gonna be worth it.. =D If my budget is $50, i think i can.. If i really make it.. then i can sell a $50 for around $150? Nah.. I think i wont sell it at all, Im gonna use it in filming..

I think there will be a surprise for 3A1 next year..  Wait for it!! =D


Im robotic, 
I think i know that.
Im robotic,
Hell.. who doesnt know that?

Am i Human?
You know that. 
Because you made me human when i fell for you..
Im no longer that clumsy tin can filled with glue.. 

I am Human, all because of you.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don't give up before you even start! Seriously!!

Don't give up before you even start!! I made that mistake and i live to regret it!! I'll rather kill myself than wait for another chance that may not come again you noe? so ONWARD AND PERSEVERE! thats our school motto right? Add me in Skype! JasonYongValore. WHEeee........

Ahahahhahaha... I hate tomorrow.. Still have to go NYP.. T_T Im tired of it.. Later playing blackshot with sam and HAfiz and more people..

Lemme tell you about this girl i liked before..She isn't really pretty to others but she is beautiful to my eyes.. She doesnt really care about me.. She wears glasses.. and if she wears something really nice. lets say a dress and takes of her glasses and wear make up.. even her "Kaki" would fall head over heels.. Yes she is that ordinary.. But if she dresses up.. She is beyond extraordinary..I think you noe who that is.. The girl i told you guys before was the one who hurt me real bad in primary school.. This girl is the one i didnt even bother going for.. The girl i gave up on before i even tried.. The irony.. How can i give up on something without even trying? Maybe im gonna start going for her in Sec 4.. When i dun look like a BFG.. =D

Love you no matter what.

I'll love you no matter what happens.. 
I'll love you even if the sky tumbles and fall..
I'll love you even if the land crumbles beneath my feet..
I'll love you even to the ends of the earth..

I'll love you even for all eternity..
I'll love you just because I do.

Ever notice something?
It all begins with an "I Love You."


I feel so not happy todae.. hey.. when did i ever feel happy before? XDXD!! Well i guess i am happy everydae cos atleast got someone willing to tok to me and accept me. I dun need to please everyone do i? Im content with just the three friends i have.. My world's so small..In my world, there's only Hafiz, Wk, Syakir, Fuzzy, Matin, and of course you Siti.. T_T Im lame, dun mind me..

Tomorrow need go NYP early in the morning.. Argh... I should treat it as an experience and not a boring thing to do.. What a dae! I went AMK at around 3.30.. We came back to yishun at around 6.30.. We played some claw games at the Cinema at AMK Hub.. hoping we could claw something.. to give someone.. Who? You. Um.. anyway.. OH!! We found a pair of gloves priced at $15 from Liang Seng at Cash Converters thanks to Hafiz's Keen eyes.. Thnx Yo! HAHAH.. and hafiz was telling me DUN BUY THAT MICROPHONE!! ITS NOT  GOOD BRAND!! I bought it anyway...and we tested it out at Hafiz's place.. and it was much better than his!! XDXD!! You never noe if you never try right? Ok, back to the point..After going AMK, we went Hafiz's place to do editing.. and we had a LOT OF FUN.. Editing.. Finally edit finished. We ended process on the render part.. Then we do again.. And hafiz ensured us.. GOT! GOT SAVE!.. Then boom.. come out.. EH HAFIZ?? WHY THE PART I EDIT NOT IN HAR?! den we have to edit again somedae.. never mind.. we can edit with the sound too..

I noticed i never write his story leh.. When i was younger and went cycling with my brother.. We were robbed..

There was this indian guy who asked my bro for his phone.. HE lend it to him.. Then he dun wanna return back.. When my brother was pushed down and kicked.. I was panicking.. IM FRIGGIN USELESS.. I ran with the bike between my legs.. before abandoning it and running after my brother who was running after them.. My brother was shoutin at me "JASON! GET INTO THE LIFT NOW! GET INTO THE LIFT NOW!" I still remember the face.. One i would not forget.. There were 4 guys kicking my brother.. Until now.. I am still looking for those guys.. If i find them. I.WILL.MAKE.THEM.PAY. I will have my revenge.. Thats why i am more docile now.. Thats why i dun fight in school.. Cos im waiting for the dae when i scrape their blood of my bloodied knuckles. I am not what i seem. Dun trust me unless you noe what im thinking.. Nah im just joking.. XDXD!! But the part about bloodying my knuckles with their blood is true though.. Thats why i learn muay thai.. Thats why i learn how to use the bo staff.. Thats why i went NCC.. To strengthen myself enough.. So that when the dae comes, I make those guys wish they hadn't pick the brother of the Devil.


As i walked down the corridor,
I saw you leaning against the wall..
As i walked down the corridor..
I realise im not what i seem..
As i walked down the corridor..
I saw myself..

I saw myself with you by my side..
I saw myself with our kids..
I saw myself a happy wedding..

But soon the mirror shattered...
And im back at the corridor again.. 
With you at the far end..
Of the corridor again..

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


CCB! is a song.. CCB = click click boom..Once i look at the NCO manual and under Kekanan pusing, they put kekanana pusing.. =D I couldnt get it!! I couldnt get why the manual have to be so damm funny.. =D

Being a reporter in NYP is hard!! I FORGOT TO PRESS REC!! T_T

So.. anyone care to tell me how MAC went? Anyway we had alot of laughs as i joked about the grammar error hafiz made.. like Which place would you like to go eat? XDXD~~

Im having a headache.. gonna go sleep soon.. T_T

Im lying.
If i say you have eyes Brighter than the Brightest Day..
If i say you have a voice more beautiful then a mermaid..
If i say you have a laughter that complements music..
Then im lying..

Because you're pretty just the way you are..
I don't need to praise you or complement you..
Because you're just that.

Monday, November 15, 2010


NYP IS AWESOME! Minus the lesson.. WE can wear anything we want.. do anything we like.. swim whenever we want.. play basketball whenever we want.. play tennis.. whatever!! there's also good food and lotsa people to hangout with! We went through a lesson of project management.. and i think SOMEBODY, typed my name wrong and wrote.. Jasooon.. reminds me of how Siti used to call me when she sees me.. JASONNn.......

AISEH SITI!! LOVE ON FIRST SIGHT SEH!! WHOOOOO.....Ok, enough with the annoyance, stop frowning/blushing/getting angry at me.. Seriously... Its rare to have such things you noe.. If that guy glances at you.. he probably think you're attractive.. so.. GOOD LUX!! =D Hope you can meet him on the streets... have better luck than me!! =DD I fail on love.. I killed myself a thousand times i think.. over a girl i didnt even go for. XDXD!!

I SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY WANT A GOOD PAIR OF SHOES.... Its the Dunlop Volley.. Maybe the Puma California.. Those are both shoes made suitable for parkour and casual use.. I want to try training parkour now.. maybe if i really go RP or NYP, i can form a Parkour Club within these walls..

Smile.. Its really such a simple thing you noe? But why cant i smile properly? I SMILE LIKE A FRIGGIN DOG... ><! I got a nickname from one of the Paikias in the school.. they call me Bulldog Face.. I notice that it is quite true.. Well.. Im born with it, so i gotta live with it..=D The funny thing in OPSS is, the 4C1 people are quite nice and not like very bad people.. They are quite nice actually, people like Afiq, luffie... and maybe Rickson? I played Basketball with him, and i can say he is very sportsmanlike.. They are humans too.. =D

Love on first sight.. (HAHAHAH!! No, it has nothing to do with you.. it is something of my own..)

It's such a wonderful thing you know?
Love on first sight..
The comedy of it all..
The tragedy at the end..
Its strange...

Isn't love on first sight supposed to be...
Isn't love on first sight be everlasting?
If love on first sight is love.

then how can I say i like her?
when im supposed to love her?

Love, not many people understand what it is for.. those who do, wish they knew it before they married...


Sunday, November 14, 2010

i forgot to post yesterdae..i was sleeping!!

yay!! sleeping is great! sleeping is awesome!! sleeping makes the world go around! so are you! =D INVADERS MUST DIE! XDXD!! I LOVE YOU!! WHO ARE YOU?!?! You noe who you are.. =D IM GETTING PRETTY RANDOM HERE!! I like mac and cheese.. had a chance to cook it myself.. On the first try.. the milk exploded.. literally.. on the second try, with the help of my mum.. i managed to cook a decent dish!! =D

I have more ideas now.. I think it would be good to make a serious film for once.. not comedy..

I want to buy a bo-staff 1.82m long $30... I want an M6 sniper rifle replica from Back-tactical for Christmas.. and a pair of MMA gloves from Liang Seng on My birthdae... =D


I wish i could tell you a joke.
Not dirty..
Not romancing..
Not anything..

I just wish i can talk to you.
Face to face.
Just with you.

I wish i could tell you a joke.
That there's a guy.
Who liked a girl.
That guy is me.
And that girl is you.

Smile. That comes out of jokes right?

Friday, November 12, 2010

All that glitters is not gold!

WHEEE! How any times am i gonna say that? I dun really know you noe? I noe that you dun noe what im trying to make you noe which you obviously do not know.. So, do you get it? NO. I LIKE THAT PART FROM NIGAHIGA!!! You noe, no, you dunno.. You noe.. Just now, i went editing with Hafiz and Syakir early in the morning... we had lotsa fun laughing at ourselves.. especially when i shot syakir in a scene without cocking the gun.. "Eh syakir.. you never die!" look at this video.. This one is the funniest one i've seen so far..
 Fail attack!
UHm.. SERIOUSLY! IS ANYBODY THERE?!?! HAFIZ?!? SITI?!! WK?!?! T_T... Why i notice i call people wrongly sometimes.. =DD I always speak the wrong word... Anyway.. We were like screaming like crazy at Hafiz's House.. Cos we're getting so exctited over the video.. Then... BOOM!! SYAKIR PRESSED THE SHUT DOWN BUTTON!! THEN WE WERE LIKE.. OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WEll... Sometime i dun really noe what to write on my blog.. Lets tok abt the art of action choreography.. To me, it is the most awesome job.. cos i get to make people fight the way i want them too.. the way i think is cool.. I think filmmaking might be a choice for me in the future.. That is if it gurantees money.. =D

Love you.

Probably you dont know.
But you should have known.
You should have seen me..
What i did..
What i said..
and what im writing now..

I dont like you..
But i dont hate you too..
Because seriously..
For a girl like you.

I Love You.
I LOVE YOU!!! <3<3<3<3<3!! I LOVE YOU MY SIBLINGS!! AND MY PARENTS... and whoever there is in tis world.. =D

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Todae we were supposed to do editing at my house.. But my comp just hates me.. So we went filming.. again.. we filmed a random parkour scene and a fight scene that was rushed out cos we were running out of battery... T_T tmr morning probably going Hafiz house to do editing.. =D finally we produced 4 films cos we couldnt edit them...

WEll.. I just noticed that i start every sentence with.. "I think" I think that this is a habit of mine.. IS it just me or is there alot and alot and alot of Ts? no? ok.. I noticed one thing.. And that is i have really awesome siblings... I guess they are the only one i can depend on when i lose everything.. If i have no parents to lean on.. They are the closest dat i can get.. to safety. Cameron.. would actually be the closest sibling i have on FB.. but in real life.. My brother and Hafiz would be the closest to me..  on FB.. in order of closeness..
1.Cameron Seow
2.Neo Wei Keong.
3.Maisarah Rawoof.
4.Syakira Zamri.
5.Muhd Hafiz
6.Clivant Chua.
7.Ahmad Shah Johan
8.Ricky Yusoffie.
9.Xavier Khong.
10. Aaron Koh.
11.Eugene Yong.
12.Adeline Yong.

In Real Life:
1.Muhd Hafiz.
2.Eugene Yong.
3.Adeline Yong.
4.Neo Wei Keong.
5.Clivant Chua.
6.Maisarah Rawoof.
7.Ahmad Shah Johan.
8.Ricky Yusoffie.
9.Xavier Khong.
10.Aaron Koh.
11.Syakira Zamri.
12.Cameron Seow.

Well... Thats it.. =D


I hate you.
I hate you..
Do you know how much i detest you?
Do you know how much i wanna kill you?
Do you know how much i wanna hold you tight and not let you go?
Do you know how much i love you?
I hate you..
i hate myself for not holding you when you were crumbling..
I hate myself for not being there when you were crying..
I hate myself.. and i hate you.. because you made me into this..
you made me into someone who loves deeply his archnemesis.. 

I love you.<3

I like such stories.. Love and Hate.. Arent they the same thing?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What have i become?

What have i become? Something less than human, But also something more.. This is the most rhetorical thing i can ask.. What have i become, What is something less.. Less human? Or Less like human? What is something more? More Human? Or More like a Human? Maybe we should ask ourselves this question. In pursuing complete perfect humanity, did we lose our humanity along the way? Maybe we did.. In pursuing the greater good for humanity, of course there'll be some sacrifices.. but is it worth it to sacrifice the very thing we're fighting for just for the sake that it'll get better and stronger hopefully? No.

Many people say they are fighting for humanity's economy.. for money, But what was the beginning of all this? the notion to make ourselves stronger and better.. Keep the world running.. but we seemed to have forgotten that.. Maybe one day, I'll grow out of myself, learn to be selfish and learn to accept Human's primal instinct.. To dominate. I hope this Blog will remind the future Me that I used to be like this.. Used to be understanding.. That i used to have Friends. Not just work associates who tries to kill me for the sake of money.

"What have i become? Something less than Human, But also something More." -Alex Mercer- Prototype.

YAY!! ENOUGH WITH THE SMALL TINKY WINKY WIGGLY TALK! SERIOUS ME!  Lets have some fun putting all my words in CAPITAL LETTERS! And also.. WITH SHIFT+1!! =D I liked Invaders must die from The Prodigy.. Its a really nice song.. Maybe we can put it into the fims we are making.. HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE HEE HERE HERE HERE!!

Watched it?! Is it nice?!? YES INDEDED! I love you very Deep deep.. =D I wonder when can i stop posting how awesome my sista is.. When i was sick.. She told me to go rest.. Then when she was gonna sleep.. she posted.. something like.. Gd nites.. Its great when you have someone who cares for you.. And she is almost a total stranger to me.. I never seen her before and never talked to her personally before.. =D

I guess she is taking liberties cos she doesnt know me personally.. =D Its okayz.. Im happy just with someone liking my post and toking to me.. =D Im kinda bored now that nobody is bloggin in 3A1.. Hafiz stopped bloggin after one post.. Siti finally stopped at the 90th post.. And WK stopped long long long long long long Long time ago.. did i just say Long?  No. oh.. anyway.. Seems like everybody stopped... BUT NO!! I WONT STOP!! NO I WONT!! Uh.. My homework all put on hold until DECEMBER~~~.. For now.. I need my break.. Hey Hafiz! I think Me, Enyi and Sam needs your help.. WE are making a comedy video of me drinking hot soup.. when i drank.. down...a...urgh.. FLY. I'll tok to you about it tomorrow when we are editing ok?.. I SEE TREES OF GREEN.. RED ROSES TOO.. I SEE THEM BLOOM~~ FOR ME AND YOU!! AND I THINK TO MYSELF.. WHY ARENT ROSES GREEN TOO?

We need our own personality on the film.. Mine is fixed.. Im the troubled teen who shoots anyone who moans..I mean.. Anyone who offends me... Or just random anybody.. As long as i have my Nickel P22!! =D
I dun think it would do us good to imitate the style of any youtube comedian you noe? NigaHiga is pro!! =D
Playing BS and getting booted was the BEST thing that could ever happen to me. (Oh yeah? So you dont like me stopping your kill streak on a little rookie huh? Eat this! *QuickZoom* -BANG- HEADSHOT- Excellent- *You just got booted out the room*) I HATE OPTIC FIBRES!! IT SCREWS ME UP.. I MEAN MY CONNECTION!! EH..

Maybe you didnt know.

Maybe you didnt know,
Whatever that had happened to me.
Maybe you never knew.
Whatever that was going to happen to me.

Right now im telling you.
You just stepped upon me.
You trampled upon my soul.
And you ravaged my heart.

But why o why?
Why the hell did i like you?
Now i know..
I still Love you. 

Sometimes i hate myself for liking the wrong person you noe? But i love myself too for doing that. =D


Tuesday, November 9, 2010


This is the 101th post!!! WHEEE! I just went film making with Hafiz and Syakir.. And we made two films in two hours!! WOOOOT!! YAY!!! =D WHEEE!! Im forever the bad guy!! =D

I bought a new pistol!! HAPPY RIGHT?!? YEAH!! HAPPY!...

I dunno why.. But i feel like closing this blog down too.. Should i??!

You noe, sometimes i think some people have problems but they dun wanna show.. Lets take this girl i have a crush on before (no, not you, dun even think abt it.) She seems to keep up a strong hard front infront of her friends.. and a "Aiyah sianx" attitude when you noe she actually cares.. Maybe she has some kinda serious problem of some kind that we dunno? Mybe family problems? Maybe money problems?? Maybe personal problems... Too stressed out maybe? Maybe you guys may noe her.. Or it might even be one of you? Who noes? im just saying.. Maybe everybody has problems of their own, just that we dun dare to say it out..

I posted something really funny: "I love my siblings, in FB or in Real life." And one of my siblings, you guess it!! CAM!! She posted: "I love you too!!<3" That made my day.. =D She is a really sweet girl.. you noe? Thats why i have her listed as a sister.. =DD

I lied.

I lied to you when i said i like you.
I lied to you when i said NO!
Because i dun like you at all you noe?
I love you so much you dun even noe.

Maybe this is unconditional love.
I give you all i have,
And i want nothing at all.
Its already more than enough if you just accept it.
Make my heart whole again..

You tore me to pieces and ripped me to shreds...
But with a single glance and a single stare.
You pieced me back together again.
If only i noe who this is too.. I wont be feeling so troubled.. Im making love to a wall!! I mean.. yeah.. Making.. Love.. POEMS!! to.. my FB wall.. ok? Dun think dirty!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

100th post!!

OUUUHHhhh... Maaaaiii... Gaaa...hhh..!! the 100th post!! =DDD Im so happy you noe!! the 1ooth post!! WHJEEEEEE!!! Fufufuufu... *Now Siti's closing down her blog.. I'll dominate the blogs!! *MUAHAHHAHAHAHAHH!!! Now im the only person in 3A1 with an Active blog!! MUAHAHAHHA!! JKJK.. Dun close!! T_T.. If you close.. Then im bored.. Then most likely this blog wouldnt last long during the holidaes... GARHH........

I guess im running out of juice here.. I forgot the purpose of this blog ordy.. eheheeh.. Now this blog is only for me to rant and mumble and grumble and tumble about all things good and bad.. I think this blog is to show how much i cant live without my friends.. As the year draws to an end.. I sort of have a sense of desperation as i began to dread.. thinking about what would happen to me if we all leave and go different ways.. No longer will i get annoyed by WK.. No longer will WK be owned by Hafiz.. No longer will i tok to the ever-nodding Fuzzy.. no longer will i see the smiles of Siti.. no longer will i laugh at the three musketears.. No longer will i stand united..

I got the craziest kill streak in BS!! I got 15 kills without dying using the AWP!!! WOOOO!!
Well.. We're gonna make some more films in the future if we can.. I hope we can... We need some actress too.. GARH!! I dunno if Cameron will join us or not.. Then.. I only noe two girls... the other is a really special friend.. Whom i'll make a poem for next.

Siti Maisarah.

Yo Siti! 
I have a feelin you'll be surprised.
As probably you are surprised now.

I remember on that day in Secondary Two.
then i did not know who is Matin & Hafiz..
I remembered what i said.. Though so vaguely.. 
It became the first thing i said.
"Hi, Is your name Siti?"

Such a simple phrase sparked a friendship.. 
How marvelous.. 
How miraculous..
How special..

Now that i remember.. 
I never called you Maisarah..
Thats why on your Birthdae,
I gave you that Keychain..

for a time i forgot who i am..
Maybe i have molded myself on your character..
Thus my blog changed.. 
No longer emo and depressing..

Your Smiles is the most comforting thing to others. It is a symbol of strength.. Something i wouldnt have...
I hope you'll never stop smiling and be happy..Unlike me.
YAY!! Ok.. Stop smiling/Puking/laughing/blushing/whatnot.. JKJK.. Be happy.. That phrase from Chen Qiang.. He says that all the time though he isnt really happy himself.. 

I dun get why people hate some people so much!! Like i have a friend who hates another friend for no apparent reason.. He say she got bad attitude.. But seriously.. WHO DOESNT?! I dun have a good attitude..My attitude sux like shit.. But He is still able to live good with me.. Judge not lest ye be judge man..
This girl.. I worked with her before.. She is friendly and is a really nice person.... though she may take some thing for granted.. Nevertheless she is the most dedicated person i ever seen.  Though she hates what she is doing.. She still does it.. Courage is being scared till you shit in your pants.. But still doing it..AHH!! Now i wanna shit..  I was her classmate for three years.. And she is only like dat this year.. I didnt like her cos love was blind.. I liked her cos she is a brave one. Maybe you should talk to her more and be her best buddy... Maybe she has some problems we dunno? People arent like dat cos they are born lik dat.. She must have some problems she is hiding.. Which explains her attitude towards life and the strong front she puts infront of others.. I said my piece... 


Sunday, November 7, 2010

99th post!!! YAY!!

Left one more.. Ah ha ah ha! Well.. Todae i went out with WK.. 1 - 3.. Too bad Fiz couldnt come.. I walked around and round and bought nothing.. Only eat KFC then tok tok about girls.. and guyz.. In our school... Im like super irritated by him as he keep on elbowing me into the way of others.. Until i gave him a muay thai elbow to the chest.. which caused a whiplash in his neck.. =P serve him right..

I have another idea for the next film.. If we can.. We can make a sequel for the film that we just made.. The idea is this:

since im killed.. somebody has to take my place as the bad guy right? so.. I think my brother would do the job.. since he might wanna take part too.. The same thing happens.. You're still a bodyguard? I think.. and a botched deal happens. Same thing.. At another location of course.. You chase after my brother.. He runs like hell into the same multi-storey carpark.. POV camera comes in.. at 4th floor.. The camera swings around as though you are searching around for my brother.. Then you realise that the place is the same place where you killed me.. Flashback scene.. camera orbits around you.. before stopping facing you.. with me standing behind you.. camera focuses on you.. You turn around very quickly.. and instead my brother is standing there.. a sniper takes a shot at you.. You dodge and take cover..but the bullet hits your leg. My brother disappears and wait for you to die....  then through deception, you take out the sniper (me/syakir?) at the far end.. he comes out.. EPIC GUNFIGHT!! Which of course.. He dies. You win.. you walk away.. limping.. =D So.. hows dat??

OK.. If gunfight is out of the way.. Then how about martial arts? Same confrontational thing.. just that it is with other weapons.. not guns.. Maybe with Sticks? If it is with sticks.. Then i'll step into the fray.. cos i luv sticks! =D Um.. anyway... There will be a fight scene in which we have to utilise close unarmed combat.. Maybe the film starts with a snatching thing.. Then i run like hell.. Parkour scene.. Then finally dead end.. Then mortal combat!!! =DD

oh yeah.. then the confrontational scene for the first idea.. Is when he comes out and say.. Remember this? then he shows my nickel-plated P22.. sniper shot fired... you dodge.. hit leg..superficial wound.... you take cover.. My brother will be using a Dual guns.. One is my P22, the other is his Golden P22.

So... YAY!! New idea!! Maybe we can make an MV too... A love story kind of.. But we need and Actresss!!!!! WHERE'S  OUR ACTRESSS?!?! Oh.. we dun have one..

Kok Hean.

Hi Kok Hean.
I know this is random.
But from randomness comes innovation.
Though you visited only for once.
I feel that its right if i include you in.

You are many persons in one.
You are the only person who sees me and run.
but yet, you are the other person who can make me laugh.
Though i'll say you have a short fuse sometime.
You are still an awesome friend.

A funny person, 
Though random.
YAY!! HI! HI!! HI!!! HI!!! I finally know how Cameron looks like.. She has a brother who looks like me when i was younger!!! =DD Though i now noe her.. I dun think i can find her in the school.. I tried so hard.. But to no avail.. =DD Maybe we should stay as pen pals.. =\

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Todae's really random... I dunno what to do now.. FILMING!!! ARGH..... These few daes very boring because im not spammed by Cam... ARGH........................ Hello? Hllo? Anybody there? WARGH! I feel very bored sia.. Dunno what to do other than sleep.. Eat.. wake up...

I NOE!! DESIGN!! URGH!!... When are we gonna have movies again?? T_T Never went movie or anything... Supposed to go.. but nvr go.. GArgh.... HELLO DAFFODIL!! HOW ARE U??!? <3!! URgh.. Im too bored... Play SA also not up to my previous standard.. Not up to Strenveloci. My legend.

Strenveloci is another of my character.. He uses K2 to fight and is famous for his mp5.. Leagion? just a shadow of time bygone..

Um... Im bored.. So.. Lets ask you.. You my readers... Hows your dae? Whats your dae like? What did you do todae?? I did nothing.. URgh....................


Next Poem dedicated to another of my known readers.

Wei Keong.

Wei Wei!
Are you there?
I know you are.

We met three years before.
In NCC. 
In the Annual Camp.
You were very small then and you were ridiculed..
You always try to go with the flow.
No matter what happens.
I decide to become your friend when i saw that you can endure.
Unlike many others who are supposedly strong.
Your greater strength lies in you can see.
What others cant.

You can think. 
when others cant.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Fun dae filming!

I had a really fun dae filming with Fiz & Syakir!! =D The first short film im ever in!! and the first action film they ever made... Finally.. I get to show my face.. =DD Im photo shy, so i dun really put my photos up on my blog or on FB. Hi Cam!! Finally you'll know who i am!! I hope you wont run away because of my looks!! =DD

Now recruiting anybody who can help in the filming. I think we can have a shatter films + Smedia film crew shot. =D WE need many people who can help us. The director and producer and me.. we were the actors... Im what? Im the Action Choreographer and Technical Advisor on Guns!! Im the prop producer too... And the cleaner too.. And..Actor.. =DDDD Im everything!! Fiz is everything too!! syakir is everything too!! =DD

Next time, we film another action film... Probably with some light parkour stunts.. Wall climbing is out of my league.. I can only jump.. grab wall.. fall down.. I cant climb up..T_T Wall run also impossible.. I think if we wanna really make the film awesome.. we must train ourselves up too.. So... FIZ!!! Lets go running next week!! We run from my house to upper seletar.. and back.. around 4 klicks... then we raise the bar after one month... We run from opss to Sembawang park.. and back around 8 klicks.. !!! WE ARE RUNNING A MARATHON!! I think if we really achieve that level of running.. Then we will be on par with Ahmad.. He is the greatest athlete i ever personally met in my life.. His love of sports and his sportsmanship is greater than any other sportsman.. He is also a very great and helpful person though he was playful in the past.. =DD

I believe that to be a person you wanna be.. Tell yourself. nothing is impossible. Tell yourself.. I believe!!
Then when somebody asks you. Say, I never believed that i will be. Because i know i will be!

SA!! Anticipate Sudden Attack. Anticipate my awesome screenies and the tag team between me and Fiz.

Ok.. since this is near the 100th post.. Might as well start posting the surprise.


Yes, be very surprised.
Be very very surprised.
This is the surprise im giving to all of you.

I met you and became great friends with you.
When i first told you.
"Hey Hafiz! You got play SA?"
From them on.
We became Brothers in Arms.
In SA..
In Life..
We even agreed that we will stay in touch.
Even when we are no longer the same.

You changed much.
You changed very much.
You tried to prove yourself.
And you did.

You didnt stand up and face the oppressor.
But you kept your peace.

In case you didnt know.
To me, that is not just a man.
That is the greater man.
The magnaminous.
The benevolent.


=DD Surprised? You should be!  You noe why i say you're the greater man than him? Its because from what i learnt in Lit. The womanly man is the one trying to prove himself through the display of individual prowess. The one who does not understand the true meaning of Man. Man is not just macho or powderful. It is being Human. Being understanding and being sensitive to people. It is understanding why people try to thumb you down. It is understanding that you're much greater above them. You speak through long term Actions rather than short term Words. People who try to thumb others down are hypocrites when they say others are. They try to be critics while not being a critic of themselves. Those are the ones who will never become a Man. Neither will they become a Human.  SO.. Be good to yourself and your wife/GF or..your kids? =DD

Thursday, November 4, 2010

MAC, can i just leave it and like get it out of my life?

My uncle wants me to go for a Adam Khoo course to teach me how to be a leader. He wants me to go for a English tuition at Yio Chu Kang. Roots they call it. I want to go for the compre skill tuition. I have to go for NYP attachment on 15 nov - 22 nov. cannot skip.. Still got work shadowing dun even noe if im in or not or what time it is. They never tell me. They never told me anything. MAC. Im afraid i have to drop out. Since i aint doing anything that needs doing and i feel like im alone and i am not contributing. And they inform me at the last minute. Like todae, When im like 2 km away playing soccer..

*Sms ring tone* SHIT!! AFTER MY MUM CALL!! I GK LEH!! *off phone* *break time* *check phone* Siti? *checks message* OH DAMM!

In the end i never go. Checking all the times.. There are more than 2 clashes. MAC will clash with NYP. MAC if i never go, then im irresponsible. NYP, if i never go, Im also irresponsible. then.. The council thingy, 28 Dec, a whole dae thing. Got NCC training, Im the admin, But i have to go for it. Is this what Afiq felt when he was the admin specialist? He is my model that i follow. His commitment is there, though not as obvious. I wish i can be as good an Admin as him.

On the NCC board, My name is not there. Im not selected for any courses.

You know what this means? This means that im no longer needed and i am now an Outcast. The timetable Mr Goh put up seems screwed up. There is no timetable, We dun even noe what the firetruck we are supposed to do. The cadets dunno what the hell they need to do. And the NCOs are at a lost and we are to blame for not taking initiative. Nobody call me to tell me what i should tell Mr Goh, Even if i got tell him, He wouldnt put anything of that sort on the board, just some friggin basic info.

Somebody said before that if we dunno for what firetrucking reason we have to do something, then we would not firetrucking do it.


a strong word.
Not as strong as Forsake.
Neither is it as strong as Forgive.

I can forgo what you've done to me.
I can forgo what you've said to me.
I can forgo how you reacted to me.
I can neither forgive nor forget,
That you hated me and you pushed me away.
But i am willing to forsake myself if you'll forgive me.
For i never meant to forget you.

Im tired, yes, Im tired, dun expect anything funny now. This is a time when i feel like killing myself and jumping into the river and jumping of the cliff. To cover myself over the head with a blanket.

I declare that from now on, I shall not have anything to do with her. I shall not go for her, neither shall i try to take her from someone else. I shall treat her as per normal like i should. Like before, Like in the future.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Im depressed...............................................

Is it because i got a headache? Is it because i didnt come school to play catching? Is it because i didnt see my friends? Is it because i never come for DnT? Is it because im almost late for Lit? Is it because i dunno what the fish im supposed to do? Is it because it is too late? Is it because im gonna die? Is it because im confused? No. Im depressed.. Its because i am. Nobody may know why i am depressed cos i dunno myself. I dunno why i am depressed.. Maybe its really because im tired of struggling to control the cadets.. Or just that i think my effort to maintain ncc's standard is futile..

I dun have much to write todae, Wished i can play catching with you guys again. It had been a fun time.. Sometimes i get heartburn.. Sometimes my throat feels like it caught fire, Sometimes i felt like i vomitted blood.. sometimes i felt paralysed or something.. Maybe soon my time is up.. My head's going haywire these few days.. When can we play again?

Tomorrow, morning got lit, then.. SS.. Then after that, if God let me, let Mr Tan not catch me and keep me back.. Let me go home to prepare to watch movie with my friends, I think after all these, if i got money left, i'll use them to go Homefix and buy some paint. I need paint to beautify my P22.. This i must do before i die.. =D My dream hobby is modification and creation of guns. Guns that protect humanity, Not destroy it. I have alot of ideas drawn out and dimensions written. But they cant be fulfilled because i never studied gunsmithing.

I hope that if i die, The world shall not mourn for me. They shall forget me and live on with their lives, They shall treat me as just another guy who died on Earth. I dont wish to be a burden to anyone or a symbol of sadness to anyone and everyone. I wish to be a symbol of inspiration and a pioneer of "Never Say Die"

I believe that to Die Hard, you gotta Live Free. So.. I shall Live Free and Die Hard.

To date.
To date, 
I forgot how many girls i had fallen for.
I forgot how much i hated being rejected.
I forgot how many times i got rejected.

People say such wounds never heal.
But its because they never try to make it heal.
You're my salve.
You're my life.
no matter how scarred i am.
No matter how depressed i become.
Thinking of you just keeps me going.

Since you shined for me and brought light into my life.
Please let me light up your life too.

I wish to say this to anyone and everyone, 

I'm Sorry if i did you wrong. People makes mistakes in their lives. A man once said, "To suppress our desires, is to suppress the very thing that makes us human." If i offended you in anyway, I hope you'll forgive me since i wasnt using my brains.

Im tired of it all.. Im tired of struggling to keep myself awake while writing my blog.. Everyday, writing my blog is a brainwrecker, I have to try to make it funny and intrigueing and random and whatnot.. 

Adios and Have a Very Nice Day.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The good ol' times....=")

The good ol'times.. So happy.. Todae i played catching with you guys.. YOU AWESOME GUYS!! and GIRL!! =DD It made me really happy todae cos it reminded me of what i did when i was in primary school.. Apart from a Daily Torture by Bullies and Teachers.. I specialised in Camoflage.. I mean really..

When i was younger and playing catching, Like now, I cannot run, cannot sprint and i am slower.. So i usually get to end the game as the catcher... (Siti you made me a catcher!! *rolls chair* Catch. Me: ARGH!!!) So.. I am like very tired of running about and catching nobody.. so i devised a method of catching them.. I stood waiting in the bushes, and when somebody unlucky passes by, i sprint out and catch them.. It was well worth the wait as they come looking for me when a certain time passes.. =DD

The only way i could catch someone or avoid capture is to outsmart them.. And to think ahead.. =DDD HAHAHAH! SITI!! THE SAME METHOD COULDNT WORK TWICE!! I KNEW YOU'RE GONNA HIDE AT WHERE HAFIZ HID!! =DD But nice try.. I tried to hide there.. but my head is too big..haha... WK was chased by me the whole time... I WANNA KILL HIM!! SLAPPING ME SO HARD ON MY BACK!!! IM GONNA KILL YOU!!!


I GOT A STORY!! YOU WANT?? I NOE YOU WANT!! =D The story goes like this..
Bad guy snatches Milk tea from good guy.. Good guy drops the rest of the milk tea.. Milk tea spills.. Bad guy runs.. Good guy angry.. Chase after bad guy while screaming.. MEEUUUUK!!! TTTEEEAAAHHH!!! Bad guy vaults over rail.. Good guy jumps over rail.. Bad guy find dead end.. Fight ensues, BAD GUY PWNED!

Ok.. I noe i sux at story.. But in case you ask.. I think the milk tea would be good as a running gag.. Something that appears in almost every video you make and something that is often ridiculous and funny.. Like maybe.. Milk tea getting snatched.. A far angle shot with the camera blocked by a bit of the milk tea cup.. with the milk tea blurred.. Argh.. Its up to you whether you wanna make it a comedy type running gag.. since the videos we make are gonna be random.. Lets make it funny.. =D

WK!! IF YOU ARE READING THIS!! READ THIS CAREFULLY!!! The sandpaper you need can be bought from Homefix at AMK hub. While the files and random stuffs can be found in the same shop from which you wanna buy the P22..

Oh yeah.. I think i should post this cute guy.. This cute guy aka my baby cousin just passed his 1st year birthdae!! =DD He's very very cute.. He responds very fast compared to other babies and he loves to smile, alot..

Hafiz you got see this baby before right? =DD

ARGh.. Should i paint my gun Dark Earth or should i paint my gun Military Green?

AIYAH AIYAH AIYAH!! I asked shirree thru sms, "Yo Shirree. Jason Here, Tmr Heritage Trip i no need to go right?" She replied: "Need..everyone need to go..its 4 whole NCC." so i replied: "OK Thnx So much!" Then she replied: "Welcome :D"
Weirdest conversation i ever had.. =DD Other than Janzy.. Nobody else actually sms back Welcome.. =DDD FUNNY!!

Urgh.. Can any of you guys help me tell Mr Tan that i cannot go for tomorrow? Please help me inform Zara and/or Ms Xu!! Thnx!!

I see trees of Green.

I've seen blue birds fly,
I've seen trees of green..
I've seen red roses too..
That blooms for me and you..

I've seen the colours of the rainbow..
I've seen the skies beyond..
I've seen half the world..
Yet i've never seen anything like you..

To say that you're more beautiful than roses is an understatement..
For nothing is ever quite as lovely as you..
Neither is anything as cheery as you.. 

But yet, why?
Why did you put me down?
Perhaps you didnt.. 
Perhaps i did..
But i now know,
You are far too much for me.. 
Too great for me..
I am too undeserving.

This girl i like before.. Hehe.. I tell you.. At Prom Nite, If she wears a long dress and takes her glasses off and put on some make up.. I think even her "brothers" would fall head over heels.. Only thing.. As WK says, is attitude... Character not bad.. But attitude got problem.. XXDD But well.. Its not my place to say or comment anything about her.. I cant get it why he hates her so..  Seriously.. I know its the attitude.. But she wouldnt care about what you say.. Only when something big happens will she actually change..

"words without actions are merely thrown to the wind." so.. Instead of saying all those things about her.. I suggest try making friends with her and talk to her more.. Maybe she has some problems we dont know? Like you sometimes in deep thought we also dunno what the fish you're thinking..  Its better to make an enemy a friend than a friend out of an enemy.. there are friends who can hate you forever.. But there are also enemies who could repent. As long as you're magnaminous and accepting.. You've got a whole legion of friends behind you.. Including me.. Leagion. =D

I just hate sitting on the f***ing fence.. Though i can say i dun like her much now... i believe people will change when the time comes.